Phantom Protocol Sequel Chinese Minecraft Adventure Map Download

phantom protocol minecraft download

Visit Shanghai in Minecraft! This Chinese minecraft map is the sequel to the popular Phantom Protocol Minecraft Adventure Map. This map comes with a special resource pack for download, including dialog and other adventure elements which will speed you on your quest. Currently updated to Minecraft 1.6, coming soon for Minecraft 1.7.

Download the Phantom Protocol Shanghai Minecraft Map!

shanghai minecraft

Azeroth in Minecraft | Full WoW Minecraft Map

Orgrimmar - Imgur

All of Azeroth, the world of warcraft, is now available as a minecraft map download. Check out the Horde city of Ogrimmar pictured above! With all of Azeroth lovingly rendered as a minecraft map, now you can let your subscription lapse and wander in a WoW free of NPCs, murlocks and ganking PvP’ers who do it for the lulz.

Download the minecraft World of Warcraft map!

EXTRACTION! Minecraft 1.7 Adventure Map Download

minecraft 1.7 adventure download

A 1.7 minecraft adventure map as exciting as it is traditional, as inspiring as it is well built, Extraction follows the tale of Lenny. You are Lenny, or you will be by the time you finish this map. As Lenny, you must protect his homeland, a beautiful place featuring farmlands and wonderfully large trees and the occasional intimidating oversized arena which could be used for keeping Cerberus contained when his owner goes away on holiday.

Download Extraction Minecraft Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.7!

Revenge of the Dragon Egg Minecraft Adventure Map Download

revenge of the dragon egg minecraft download

The dragon egg is the most rare, most coveted and arguably, most useless item in all of minecraft. That is, until it is used in a creative and adventurous way to create one of the longest, most varied minecraft adventure maps of yes, all time. Revenge of the Dragon Egg is a minecraft advenure RPG with several unique and stunning locations including an idyllic island starting point, a spheroid biome level (now mandatory since the ‘biomes in spheres’ minecraft act of 2012, and a space station. The Chinese are going to make their own, but you don’t have to because the creators at DSLMediaPro already made one for you. (more…)

The Monastery, Minecraft Horror Map

minecraft monastery horror map download

A creepy, scary minecraft horror map, The Monastery plants the player in an old, abandoned monastery. The map comes with a resource pack, so you’ll have the full horror experience, complete with horror soundtrack, Silent Hill style textures, limited view-distance and all the scary frozen moments that make any horror map great.

The Monastery takes its cues from ‘The Staircase’, and throws you into the Monastery headfirst into the graveyard. Blinded and achemically slowed, you creep around, bumping into headstones. Whilst the limited field of view caused by the blindness does create tension, the slowness is actually just annoying. Indeed, once the initial ‘ooo creepy’ vibe has worn off, even the blindness becomes irritating. You’ll swap your entire kingdom and all the emeralds in it for a single torch.

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