Dead Prison, Minecraft Prison Break Minecraft Adventure Map Download

minecraft prison tower adventure map

This 1.5 minecraft adventure map features custom zombies function as prison guards. Attack them to get the tasty treats inside their rotting fetid bodies, and also the keys that they’ll drop – keys you absolutely need in order to escape the prison. A fully developed adventure map, this is the most fun you’ll have locked in a penitentiary with the undead.

dead prison minecraft survival map download

The prison is an impressive, difficult to escape complex. Helping you are the drops from guards, as well as custom potions. Pain Killers are particularly effective, healing all damage you may have taken in a single swig. There are also Adrenaline Shots, which can boost your speed and help you flee hordes of angry prison guards – who, of course, have been given absolutely lethal orders.

Dead Prison is actually quite a scary minecraft map. The ambiance of ‘brain’ loving zombes groaning around every corner, and the abundance of corners creates a very real sense of vulnerability. Then there’s also the fact that you have nothing to defend yourself with besides an enchanted brick.

me and my enchanted brick against the zombie hordes

Zombie guards are ubiquitous. That is to say, there’s many more of them than you could ever hope to smite with a brick. So I suggest you check all the chests and eat cake whilst you can. Be careful how many zombies you draw when you enter a new room. The mechanic mob pathing mechanism means there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide once they’ve laid eyes on you. They become undead homing pigeons and you’re the roost they’re looking for. If you do pull a lot of zombies, your best hope is to retreat to a doorway, channeling their assault capabilities, or run and hide your items in a chest before they catch up with you and take your inevitable demise like the sort of martyr only a minecraft player can be.

Escaping the prison won’t be easy. It will be slow, terrifying process. Are you ready to face your fears?

Download minecraft dead prison adventure map!

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