Moonlight Island Minecraft Adventure Map

A minecraft survival island adventure map with some of the most raw quest text I’ve seen in a long time (boundaries are broken), this is one island adventure you’ll remember for at least five minutes. In the into quest, someone’s mother (perhaps your mother) demands homework and empty bottles in return for pocket money. And so the adventure begins.

minecraft house of wheat

The Last Of Us, Minecraft Adventure Survival Map

the last of us minecraft apocalypse adventure map download

A post apocalyptic minecraft survival adventure map, The Last of Us is set in New York City twenty years after a great plague. The once proud buildings are decayed and filled with overgrowth and you are left alone amongst it all, one Steve against a city full of monsters who want nothing more than to destroy you.

Minecraft Fallout Adventure Map: Lamada Wastelands

minecraft fallout adventure map download

A fallout minecraft map based on the popular Fallout franchise, Lambda Wastelands is a new-ish take on some old themes. If you liked Fallout, and if you happen to enjoy half destroyed overpasses, labrynth like vaults and an irradiated wasteland then you’re in for some high levels of minecraft adventure excitement, +10000 Rads worth, at least.

Greenfield, Modern Minecraft City Map

minecraft city map download

If you’re looking for large modern minecraft city map download, then you have to download Greenfield – a city under constant expansion. From towering skyscrapers to subterranean subway tunnels, Greenfield is the minecraft city of the future (and present, so you can play it today.) This minecraft map has something of a Mirror’s Edge feel to it. But this is not another Minecraft map based on a video game – no, it is something more exciting than that, it is a minecraft map that seems to replicate not a game world, but the real world. As a result, Greenfield feels like a real city.

Nivenska Nights, Minecraft Fantasy Map

nivenska nights minecraft fantasy adventure map download

A Minecraft Fantasy…

Nivenska Nights is a minecraft fantasy map with fantasy names that are hard to pronounce and even harder to remember – two signs of true quality! (All the best fantasy maps and books and games are made impenetrable to outsiders through the liberal use of words that mean nothing to the uninitiated.) Take the main quest for this map, for instance. It involves saving a town named Nivenska from a horde of undead creatures. They need saving because they only had one protector, a chap named¬†Aethaennyn, and he just died. Nivenska might need a few lessons in diversifying their security assets, but you can tend to that after you’ve found the magical beacon that can save them from their own lack of foresight. (more…)

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