Legend of Zelda Minecraft Adventure Map

minecraft zelda adventure map download

It is time to return to Hyrule Feild with this Zelda minecraft adventure map. Your favorite Zelda locations vaguely re-created in a way that evokes all the fun of the Zelda series. It’s not what I’d call a precise re-creation, and that’s fine, because there are plenty of Zelda builds already, there aren’t quite so many adventure maps where you can play your way through, experiencing nostalgia as you best bosses. (more…)

Jack and the Beanstalk | Minecraft Beanstalk Parkour Adventure Map

minecraft giant's cottage

This oversized minecraft beanstalk build combines parkour, fairy tales and much more. One needs to parkour leap all the way up the minecraft giant beanstalk and then you are free to explore the giant’s cottage in the clouds. Ignore the part of the fairy tale where your bones are ground to bake giant bread, there’s enough bone-meal around from skeletons to attend to all giant bread baking needs.

Kidnapped, Minecraft Action Adventure Map

kidnapped minecraft action adventure map download

Kidnapped, or KIDNAPPED, as the map screams its own name, is a minecraft adventure map whose maker claims it has had 18,000 downloads in the two days since its launch. I suspect that this is a significant stretching of the truth, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, as this is minecraft and people without imagination simply curl up, whimpering in a corner ‘it’s all just blocks, it’s all just blocks’. This map is one of many made for the Planet Minecraft ‘Caved In’ Custom Map contest, which involved giving map creators a ‘blank slate’ of a map and letting them go to it. (Keeping that in mind, perhaps this truly does have downloads numbering in the five digits.)

KIDNAPPED certainly deserves 18,000 downloads for the dramatic cinematic trailer alone. It’s been 109 hours in development, which is an impressive feat (but 9.891 hours short of the amount of time it takes to master a skill). With a gripping story and forty five minutes of action packed gameplay, this is a must download for minecraft adventure buffs. The environments are beautiful, the story is tight and this map goes out of its way to ensure that it is not a waste of your precious minecrafting time.

Minecraft Egyptian Adventure | Egypt Adventure Map Download

minecraft egypt adventure map

This is a minecraft adventure map set in Egypt amidst the pyramids and the bazaars and the desert homes. If you’ve a hankering for Serious Sam style minecraft gameplay, then this is a map worth looking at.

minecraft pyramid map download

Respawn, Minecraft Adventure RPG Map | Best Minecraft Adventure Map of Early 2013

respawn minecraft adventure map download

From the very moment you spawn, Respawn is an impressive minecraft adventure map. You begin the game staring into the redstone eyes of a skull statue. And it turns out, in those first precious minutes of the game – that you’re already dead. This is the respawn room, the room where Steves go after falling into lava, or having their armor worn away by a horde of skeletons.

respawn starting room minecraft adventure

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