Catharsis, Minecraft Survival CTM Map Download of Despair

the broken beach

A combination CTM Survival map, Catharsis is sort of the minecraft equivalent of The Phantom Tollbooth . Set in caverns measureless to man and named with deep and meaningful titles like ‘The Intersection of Despair’, and ‘Broken Beach’, this isn’t just another complete the monument map challenge. It’s a way to cleanse yourself and make yourself whole. Or something. One does not simply complete the monument, you see. What one does, is one ‘fills the Altar of Consciousness’.

the heaven and hell of catharsis

This is actually a very enjoyable map. The locations are excellent and the map maker has done a fine job of taking the ‘catharsis’ theme and making it come to life in the many cavernous rooms the player finds him or herself in. The map is so large it almost counts as an adventure map, to be quite honest. It’s missing some elements of story, but there is a narrator that follows you throughout your journey and playing this map really does feel like going on a journey. Catharsis is definitely one of the Must Play Minecraft Maps for January 2013.

Get the Catharsis Minecraft Survival CTM Map!

Lunar Awakening, The Most Beautiful Minecraft Adventure Map Of All Time

lunar awakening minecraft fantasy adventure map download

When the human’s heart becomes controlled by whimsical desires,
it will search through even the deepest of tunnels.
Cold, motionless pockets of opportunities, tunneling through the void
of the Specular’s mind, he travels through the unknown.

It’s pretty bold to go out there and say that anything is the most beautiful anything of all time, but Lunar Awakening is the sort of minecraft map that makes you stop for a second just to breathe in its awesomeness. (And I mean that in the traditional sense of the world.) Minecraft builder Circleight has created a high fantasy minecraft adventure that is more than just a pleasure to play – it changes your whole view of what is and what is not possible in minecraft.

The builds are obviously quite fantastic, and there is a definite JRPG feel to the map, mostly because it’s magical as all get out. Poetic and artistic, this is more than a mere adventure. This is a journey.

Download Lunar Awakening Minecraft Fantasy Adventure Map!

Check out the full album of images (even if you’re not planning on playing the adventure map, these are some minecraft builds that have to be seen to be believed.)

Twisted Jungle, Sideways Minecraft CTM Adventure Map Download

sideways minecraft map download

The major selling point for this map is the fact that it is sideways. The perspective is all wrong! Up is left and down is right and I don’t know where I am, but it feels good and oh, here are some colored blocks of wool to add a sense of meaning to this place of addled mystery.

Playing this minecraft map is a little like falling off the edge of the world. Jungle vines grow sideways along the trunks of tall jungle trees likewise heading off into the horizontal ether.

Download Twisted Jungle, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map!

Sphere, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

sphere minecraft adventure map download

Sphere is a gorgeous minecraft adventure map with a whole lot of land to explore and a bunch of unique builds to marvel over. It is created by a fellow or fellowess who sounds a whole lot like Marvin the depressed robot when they update the download page, which I respect deeply. Minecraft despair aside, that doesn’t stop them from making the claim that this is the LARGEST MINECRAFT ADVENTURE MAP EVER. Is it really? I don’t know. Why don’t you find out?

Download Sphere, Minecraft Adventure Map.

Ho hum.

Science Santa, Minecraft Christmas Adventure

After abducting Santa Claus in ¬†order to perform tests on him (perfectly reasonable premise there, I’m not sure why a Christmas Research facility hasn’t been set up in the real world) ¬†scientists have accidentally teleported Santa to regions unknown. I think you know what’s coming next. In order to save Christmas, you must find Santa – using science!

This is a peaceful adventure map, which I always appreciate because of my crippling fear of creepers. There’s a whole lot of redstone mechanics to enjoy and exploit, so those who have an appreciation for redstone adventures will enjoy the sound of pistons and the swishing of dispensers. The command block has been used heavily, both as a PA and as a controller of the map at large. If you’re thinking of making a minecraft adventure map, consider learning how to use a command block, it really does add a whole new level of what passes for realism in minecraft.

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