Science Santa, Minecraft Christmas Adventure

After abducting Santa Claus in ¬†order to perform tests on him (perfectly reasonable premise there, I’m not sure why a Christmas Research facility hasn’t been set up in the real world) ¬†scientists have accidentally teleported Santa to regions unknown. I think you know what’s coming next. In order to save Christmas, you must find Santa – using science!

This is a peaceful adventure map, which I always appreciate because of my crippling fear of creepers. There’s a whole lot of redstone mechanics to enjoy and exploit, so those who have an appreciation for redstone adventures will enjoy the sound of pistons and the swishing of dispensers. The command block has been used heavily, both as a PA and as a controller of the map at large. If you’re thinking of making a minecraft adventure map, consider learning how to use a command block, it really does add a whole new level of what passes for realism in minecraft.

The only problem with command block text as exposition is that one ends up sitting around reading when one would much rather be riding a pig. There is an absolutely brilliant ‘teleportation sequence’ in this map however, it’s almost worth playing just for that.

The map plays very simply, you are trying to help the scientists recapture Santa, and in doing so are teleported to various Christmas locations in order to find out where Santa went. It’s pretty obvious from the outset that Santa wanted nothing to do with being experimented on and regarded the scientists as being a danger to Christmas itself. Are you on the side of good and right in this map? Who knows. All you know is that there are candy cane sculptures to marvel at and a jolly old man to hunt down.

There are lots of mini-games and redstone challenges in this map, all Christmas themed. It’s a really original, fun and innovative map – definitely one of the top minecraft christmas adventures currently out!

Download Science Santa, Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map!

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