Legend of Zelda Minecraft Adventure Map

minecraft zelda adventure map download

It is time to return to Hyrule Feild with this Zelda minecraft adventure map. Your favorite Zelda locations vaguely re-created in a way that evokes all the fun of the Zelda series. It’s not what I’d call a precise re-creation, and that’s fine, because there are plenty of Zelda builds already, there aren’t quite so many adventure maps where you can play your way through, experiencing nostalgia as you best bosses.

all dressed up as link in minecraft

You begin your journey in Kokiri Forest, where you climb up to your tree house and retrieve your clothing and wooden sword. Your adventure then begins in earnest. You can drop by the Kokiri store, but there aren’t any pots to break, just some arrows and swords and food to buy in exchange for XP levels, of which  you have none on account of having only just started the map. (Though you could possibly smash some of the bottles of enchanting you’ll find stashed around the village and bask in the free XP which stands in place of rupees stashed in grass.)

There are plenty of other Zelda style features however, like a button in the village which can be pressed in order to ‘play the Sun’s song’.  This turns night into day, so you can avoid hostile mobs.

Hyrule Field sits just beyond the village border, but you can’t access it before you’ve completed the village challenges and fought the village boss.

minecraft temple of time

Like the Temple of Time seen above, there are several locations from Zelda: Ocarina of Time created in this map, and you’ll get to explore them all as you play through the storyline, placing levers, collecting XP bottles and reclaiming the land of Hyrule from the clutches of the inevitable evil that lurks the land.

Download The Legend of Zelda Minecraft Map!

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