Nivenska Nights, Minecraft Fantasy Map

nivenska nights minecraft fantasy adventure map download

A Minecraft Fantasy…

Nivenska Nights is a minecraft fantasy map with fantasy names that are hard to pronounce and even harder to remember – two signs of true quality! (All the best fantasy maps and books and games are made impenetrable to outsiders through the liberal use of words that mean nothing to the uninitiated.) Take the main quest for this map, for instance. It involves saving a town named Nivenska from a horde of undead creatures. They need saving because they only had one protector, a chap named Aethaennyn, and he just died. Nivenska might need a few lessons in diversifying their security assets, but you can tend to that after you’ve found the magical beacon that can save them from their own lack of foresight.

minecraft fantasy map download

Epic Minecraft Fantasy Locations

Nivenska Nights is a very high quality minecraft fantasy map, made very enjoyable by the original and realistic fantasy locations created within. Even the smaller areas have been endowed with a level of detail that makes them very pleasing to look at. The Derivation texture pack is recommended if you want it to look as it does in the screenshots.

Main Missions and Sidequests

Currently there are two main minecraft missions to complete, the saving of Nivenska (naturally) and the ‘Ritualistic End’, in which the Wither King will need to be defeated. Also created, but mostly defeated. There are also a handful of sidequests to complete, which include fetch quests and find quests. Mostly find quests. You’ll leave no chest unopened if you want to complete all the achievements in this minecraft fantasy map. With three hours worth of play time and a free roaming world to explore when  you get sick of defeating bosses and saving towns, this is a minecraft map that you’ll be able to happily lose yourself in.

Minecraft Fantasy Map Download

Visit the Nivenska Nights website and download the fantasy map here! (Be warned, it has YouTube videos of people tumbling over the map’s name on auto-play, so if you hear voices, it’s not the madness returning.)

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