Moonlight Island Minecraft Adventure Map

A minecraft survival island adventure map with some of the most raw quest text I’ve seen in a long time (boundaries are broken), this is one island adventure you’ll remember for at least five minutes. In the into quest, someone’s mother (perhaps your mother) demands homework and empty bottles in return for pocket money. And so the adventure begins.

minecraft house of wheat

With your pocket money firmly in hand, you’re ready to go off and purchase a few equipment upgrades for the purposes of monster fighting. You can do this at the Army Vendor (the map is full of custom shops). A friendly inkeeper sells cooked meats and potions. And the local town witch / apothecary sells even more handy potions, for people who like to resist fire and boost their speed and strength. If you have your own ingredients, you can even brew your own potions.

There are plenty of minecraft based challenges, over and above fetch quests, like one which requires you to grow and harvest a full stack of sugar in return for many diamonds, which can be used to further fund your adventures. I very much enjoyed this map’s economy, which was well balanced and topped up with secret chests.

Dungeons add to the adventure experience, some of them are obvious, some of them are more hidden. A tip for this map: get yourself an iron pickaxe at the outset. You’ll use it for extracting precious emeralds, the backbone of your adventure experience. This is one map in which you have to have sufficient funds to continue on – much like real life, you need to be cashed up in order to have truly excellent adventures.

This isn’t a huge minecraft adventure map, but it packs a great deal of questing into a relatively small space. I found the small, almost domestic type quests to be quite pleasing, far more so than some more epically themed maps.

Download Moonlight Island, Minecraft Adventure Map!

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