The Lonely Summit, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

the lonely summit minecraft adventure map

Diamond pickaxes! Diamond pickaxes everywhere! That was my first impression of Lonely Summit, a minecraft adventure map where digging through solid rock will not be a problem. Two minutes into the map and I already had four diamond pickaxes, and access to about four more hanging about in picture frames.

But that’s not really what this minecraft map is about. It’s not about vast amounts of cobblestone and free diamond tools. It’s about a story involving an adventuresome fisherman (you) and a summit that is feeling a mite lonely. It’s the quest to find out what happened to a once thriving sea side village – often by systematically digging through that very same village. What you find hidden in the sleepy seaside town is enough to send you off on a wild adventure.

minecraft seaside village map download

The map looks particularly good in any of the Dokucraft RPG style texture packs – even at the 16x default resolution.

I had a particularly good time exploring the starting village, collecting all manner of potions and upgrading my business casual suit to something a little more suited to an RPG adventure.

minecraft upgraded rpg armor

Lonely Summit is designed for two people, so feel free to bring a friend. It’s fairly low on command blocks, so it’s not exactly a high tech minecraft adventure map, and there is perhaps a little of the ‘clue hunt’ dynamic going on, where you’re sent from one place to another for no reason other than sending you from one place to another, but I still enjoyed it.

Enderchests have been used particularly well at what amount to checkpoints or save points called ‘Adventurer Rests’. At these spots you’ll be able to get some sleep, save your progress on the map and place any items you want to be able to use later in the handy Enderchest.

Inventory management is particularly interesting in this game. Most of the time you’re dealing with more items than you can really carry, so you have to decide what to keep on you, what to deposit in chests and which to keep in your Enderbank. I found this to be a very realistic interpretation of many RPG maps, so two thumbs up and a golden thimble to the creators of Lonely Summit.

Ready to begin your adventure? Download Lonely Summit Minecraft RPG Map!

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