Huntercraft, Minecraft RPG Map

huntercraft minecraft rpg map download

Now with more lensflare and glowing lights than ever, Huntercraft is a medieval minecraft RPG map that will knock your stockings off. Begin an adventure like no other in this minecraft medieval adventure map complete with a three headed dragon, hireable bodyguards, custom NPCs and more.

minecraft medieval shipyards

The landscapes will impress you, the story will thrill you and the dragon boss will terrify you. The windmills will be grist to whet your appetite and the simple country cottages will offer shelter from the dangerous minecraft wilds. The ships will puff their billowing white sails and the stall keepers will haggle down to the ear of corn.

minecraft lens flare

But all is not what it seems, there are dark creatures in deep caverns, flying islands only accessible by air ship, wonders too beautiful to be put into words as you are drawn through this world of might and magic, this world of mysterious forces and apples falling from trees. Upgrade your weapons as you complete quests and outfit yourself with a suit of armor worthy of facing a dragon.

minecraft flying island download

If you enjoy minecraft maps where a great deal of detail has gone into the creation of a believable world, then you’ll absolutely love Huntercraft. The quality of the builds in this map really are second to none and the atmosphere is electric. Beyond the superficial (although it seems ridiculous to call medieval builds of this scope superficial, as the sheer number of hours that must have gone into them probably runs into the hundreds) there are the other RPG elements that make an RPG, well, an RPG. Hired companions are something very much new to most minecraft maps, and custom NPCs also add a nice touch to a world that runs deep. Finally, a boss like no other awaits you in a cavern measureless to man. This is a map that must be played.

Download Huntercraft Minecraft Medieval RPG

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