Faerinia Fantasy Adventure Minecraft Map Download

faerinia minecraft fantasy adventure map download

This large minecraft fantasy map is ready to be downloaded for the first time. When completed, Faerinia will be a minecraft adventure unmatched, unrivaled and generally un-ed. For the moment it is a well made and impressive island continent of a creation, which you could use for a multiplayer map, upload to a server, or simply wander around contemplating the meaning of minecraft life. Some cities have begun to spring up, so there’s some architecture to explore – though it is little compared to what will one day be. You could say that about anything though, even the mold under the sink brings with it the promise of greater things.

faerinia minecraft biomes

A great amount of planning has gone into this map however. It boasts large, well planned biomes (with the exception of the jungle / desert border which makes no sense at all. Jungles do not border deserts, on account of the moisture needed to create a jungle means that a hard boundary between deserts and jungles is high on the list of unlikely things that never happened. There are almost always planes or some other types of land formation between jungles and deserts, in which the moisture content or general conditions suitable for climaxed plant life (such as is found in a jungle) diminish gradually.

Still, this is a game where a dragon flies around a dimension full of cheese, so let’s not get too carried away with realism, shall we?

Download the first iteration of Faerinia here.

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