The Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update Guide | All Changes In Minecraft 1.5

The Minecraft 1.5 update, also known as the redstone update is now out. This handy guide to 1.5 details all changes to the game you’ve come to know and love and then re-know because somebody thought a dragon would be a good idea, so on and so forth.

If you prefer your information in video form, here’s a video detailing all 120 changes in Minecraft 1.5. If you prefer to read, keep reading.

Better Death!

Death messages have been enhanced to reflect the nature of one’s death.

Better Command Blocks!

Command blocks have been improved, now with more commands!

Redstone Changes in Minecraft 1.5

Timing on redstone devices has been changed. (Yes, this means many pre 1.5 redstone machines will stop working or fritz out.)

Daylight sensors have been added to minecraft.

Redstone comparators were added to minecraft. A redstone comparator has two inputs and one output, allowing crafters to create traps and machines in which two actions are required to set events in motion.

Trapped chests have been added. A trapped chest emits a redstone signal and is designed for the sole purpose of trapping the unwary.

Light and heavy pressure plates were also added, light and heavy pressure plates respond to different weights.These plates are capable of detecting what number of items have been piled atop them and will only activate when the correct number of items is placed.

Redstone blocks were added for easy redstone storage. Redstone blocks are active signal emitters.

New Ores In Minecraft 1.5

Nether quartz ore has been added to the Nether. Four pieces of nether quartz make a block of quartz. This quartz block can be used to create many decorative items, including quartz pillars, quartz stairs, quartz slabs and chiseled quartz blocks.

Netherrack can now be smelted into netherbricks.

Minecraft 1.5 Inventory Tweaks

Auto stacking has been enabled. Double click a stackable item in your inventory and watch all the stackables you have form a single stack.

Left click dragging has been enabled so you don’t have to laboriously click every time you want to place an item in the crafting grid. Right clicking places single blocks in the same fashion.

Minecraft Animated Textures

Animated textures have been added to minecraft. Learn how to make your own minecraft animated textures here!

More Dangerous Mobs!

Skeletons have been boosted into archery death machines.

Zombies now approach in packs. Zombies on fire can also set you on fire.

Mobs now ride other mobs. A lot.

Minecraft Hoppers

Hoppers transport dropped items into chests.

More dangerous minecarts!

TNT minecarts were added. These are activated when they travel over redstone signals.

Hopper carts can be used to transport and automatically deposit items. When they travel over a rail placed over another hopper, they can dispense items, taking the grunt work out of transporting items long distances.

Minecraft dropper blocks were added. These drop items and can also be used to put items into a chest if the chest is located directly in front of the dropper block.

Texture packs can now be changed in game. No need to quit minecraft and return to the main screen to change textures, just visit the options menu to change your active texture pack.

Water has been improved to allow for easier creation of ponds and infinite water sources.

Scoreboards have been added.

Dispensers will put armor on you automatically. They will also automatically activate TNT, so swings and roundabouts there. They can also be used to automatically fertilize crops with bonemeal, which has been nerfed.

minecraft snow heights

Different heights of snow have been added, so you can create beautiful snowscapes that put the rest of minecraft to shame. Putting snow into a crafting table gives you sheets of snow that can be used to make snow layers.

A new lighting system might cut down on lighting glitches, or fry your computer in the attempt.

/effect has been added to vanilla commands, this allows the player to emulate any potion effect without having to brew and drink the potion.

For the itty bitty nitty gritty of every single minor change to the game, visit the development log here.

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