Minerim, Minecraft Skyrim Map Download

Dovahkiin, can you survive in a world of squares? This Skyrim inspired minecraft adventure map set in Riften, with builds of the Temple of Mara and other memorable Skyrim locations makes the world of ‘Minerim’ a dangerous, beautiful and exciting one. There are fourteen unique quests to complete, and most of them wont end up with you becoming the leader of every single organization in the whole of Skyrim. Also, you won’t need the Hearthfire expansion pack in order to build your own house – although you will need to collect your own resources in order to do so.

This, I hope, represents a glimpse into the future of gaming. Malleable worlds in which NPCs live their lives and challenges must be met, and yet the world will also respond to the player’s touch. Imagine a Skyrim style game with Minecraft’s world building opportunities. We’re probably a few years off yet. In the meantime, there’s this amazing adventure map download to play with.

Download Minecraft Minerim, the Skyrim Map!

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