Minecraft Halloween Horror Adventure Map

A scary halloween adventure awaits you, minecrafters. Although Halloween is now gone by, the sense of terror still lingers in the shadows. This is a map that will trick you far more than it treats you as you attempt to reawaken the wither. (Which, let’s face it, is probably a terrible, terrible idea.)

Far Cry Minecraft Map Download

Far Cry 3 is coming out soon and to celebrate / publicize / cross reference / cross check and sign off on its release, a quite frankly epic Far Cry 3 Minecraft map has been released. The Far Cry 3 Minecraft map comes with its own unique texture map and over a hundred hours of gameplay – assuming you want to play it for over a hundred hours. How many hours of gameplay it really has is pretty much up to you.

Secrets of Zombie Island, Minecraft Survival Island Download

Aren’t you the unlucky one. Not only did your plane crash, leaving you the sole survivor, but it crashed onto an island populated heavily by zombies. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

The benefit of having crash landed in a split plane is that debris and wreckage are everywhere, including people’s luggage. It seems that somebody defied the ‘no fuel sources in baggage’ rule, because I found coal in the very first bag I opened. And wood. From this we can suppose that the occupant was travelling to some kind of combustion conference.

Assassin’s Creed Minecraft Parkour Adventure Map Download

The city of Constantinople lies at your feet, adventurer. Through quick wittedness, agility and fast feet you will uncover the hidden location of the two Masyaf keys whilst becoming familiar with every nook and cranny of the city – as a great assassin needs to be.

Project Central, Minecraft High School Adventure Survival Map Download

If you’ve ever been a young human in a Westernized country, chances are you’ve fantasized about escaping the long, tedious and sometimes soul crushing grip of High School. Now you can relive the joy of going from classroom to classroom, trying to get a few useful things here and there and ultimately escaping the holding pen for proto-adults. Also, zombies.

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