Project Central, Minecraft High School Adventure Survival Map Download

If you’ve ever been a young human in a Westernized country, chances are you’ve fantasized about escaping the long, tedious and sometimes soul crushing grip of High School. Now you can relive the joy of going from classroom to classroom, trying to get a few useful things here and there and ultimately escaping the holding pen for proto-adults. Also, zombies.

This map is based on a real high school, Central High School in Keller Texas. Realism. Mmm. Tasty. What else makes it worth playing? Well, the integration of many useful features from 1.4 including use of command blocks that enables you to set things like mob griefing, game mode and fire spread certainly helps. Also a handy enderchest that allows you to store your goodies throughout space and time. There are bosses to defeat and zombies to repel and a whole lot of real estate to explore. This map is an exceptionally good way to spend an hour and a half, longer if you’re still afraid of hostile mobs, as I am.

This map is suitable for up to two players, so that’s useful if you happen to have another person who is friendly enough to play minecraft with. Oh it’s also terrifying. As in, one of those dreams where you dream you have an exam but you haven’t studied for it terrifying, except your health is terribly low and the exam room is full of spiders.

Download Project Central High School Minecraft Adventure Survival Map!

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