Secrets of Zombie Island, Minecraft Survival Island Download

Aren’t you the unlucky one. Not only did your plane crash, leaving you the sole survivor, but it crashed onto an island populated heavily by zombies. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

The benefit of having crash landed in a split plane is that debris and wreckage are everywhere, including people’s luggage. It seems that somebody defied the ‘no fuel sources in baggage’ rule, because I found coal in the very first bag I opened. And wood. From this we can suppose that the occupant was travelling to some kind of combustion conference.

There are all sorts of interesting things to do on Zombie Island, like collect heads and put them on sticks. You’re basically abandoning all good human decency at the outset, which saves a slow descent into savagery later on.

This map wins awards for being beautiful and tropical. If it wasn’t for the flesh eating hordes, it would probably be quite a nice place to take a holiday. Or to decimate for its rich ore deposits. Filthy capitalist or lazy hippy, take your pick. This is no small island, there is a whole lot to explore and discover, caves, dungeons, tunnels, all the elements that make for a really thrilling survival experience. Helping you navigate about this great landmass are map fragments found in occasional chests.

This is certainly a map with a great deal of scope for exploration and for building your new life among the brain eaters. Finding bits of plane sticking out of the sides of mountains in frankly comical positions is a bonus too.

Download Secrets of Zombie Island, Minecraft Survival Island!

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