Minecraft Halloween Horror Adventure Map

A scary halloween adventure awaits you, minecrafters. Although Halloween is now gone by, the sense of terror still lingers in the shadows. This is a map that will trick you far more than it treats you as you attempt to reawaken the wither. (Which, let’s face it, is probably a terrible, terrible idea.)

You begin the game innocently enough, just another Steve out for a fun night’s trick or treating. Is that pumpkin pie you see? Why yes, yes it is! How lovely!

Whilst begging for candy at the doors of villagers, you also have the opportunity to collect heads. For your head collection. It makes sense, because it’s a collection. That’s how life works. Fifty random pieces of rubbish hauled in off the street is just a mess, but if they all happen to be bottle tops, then you have a collection. Ta da!

Of course, the wisdom of wandering around in a village where sometimes you get a cookie and sometimes you get a trail of blood and a disembodied head might be questionable, but it is Halloween, so put your cares, worries, and common sense aside and…

Download the Halloween Horror Adventure Map!

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