Far Cry Minecraft Map Download

Far Cry 3 is coming out soon and to celebrate / publicize / cross reference / cross check and sign off on its release, a quite frankly epic Far Cry 3 Minecraft map has been released. The Far Cry 3 Minecraft map comes with its own unique texture map and over a hundred hours of gameplay – assuming you want to play it for over a hundred hours. How many hours of gameplay it really has is pretty much up to you.

Over fifty easter eggs are scattered around the map for your finding and seeking enjoyment, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny in order to experience all this professionally designed minecraft map has to offer.

With stunning topography and detailed builds, a whole world will unfold in front of you as you play through the map. Though I personally found the textures to be beautiful, but somewhat distracting – that could be said for a great many texture packs. (It also introduces the sort of graphical glitches common to minecraft x ray texture packs.) The map itself is solid, massive and almost as good as some of the player made adventure maps – though it does lack any storyline or writing as far as I could tell, which rather lets the side down.

Download the Far Cry Minecraft Map!

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