Slender’s Forest Minecraft Horror Map (Minecraft 1.4)

Are you ready to venture into a terrifying forest where dark horrors await around every corner? Are you ready to experience the full power of the new minecraft adventure mode?

Slender’s Forest minecraft horror adventure map uses the new command block to allow you to choose your own difficulty settings. You can play it on day time mode, or night time mode. For greater atmosphere, play the map on night time mode. The scary warnings and slowed walk are a little less scary during the daytime. Slowed walk you ask? Yep. Not content with creating a dark forest maze the creator curses you with a Slowness II potion. So there’s no chance of running from those terrors, or to safety.

This map has a simple goal. Collect all eight threatening notes and trade them for parts of a key that will enable you to escape the Slender Forest. Sounds simple, right? Well, as simple as walking in almost total darkness whilst all around you deadly beasts lurk just waiting for you to make accidental eye contact can ever be.

What’s wonderful about this map is that it is something new in the world of minecraft maps, something that takes advantage of the new features and creates a little world you must conquer with your mind. You’re locked into adventure mode, so don’t even thinking about breaking blocks or crafting a weapon to defend yourself with. There’s no leaping parkour, no tricksy puzzles. Just you and the deep fears that lurk in dark forests. The difficulty comes in keeping your cool and not making the same mistake twice – or once for that matter.

Download Slender’s Forest Minecraft Horror Adventure Map!

Temple Of The Three Gods Minecraft Adventure Map Download

What makes an amazing minecraft adventure map? Landscapes that take one’s breath away. Traps and tricks to boggle the mind. A story that entices rather than plods. The Temple Of The Three Gods is a minecraft adventure map that not only meets all these criteria, but blows them out of the water.

This map has character. Far from simply channeling you through a story it tempts you towards it, which is quite a different thing. The map also has no qualms about putting you through your paces, sinking your time into consuming tasks (like the almost never-ending stairs that begin the game.)

The creators also clearly understand something about pacing. There are slow moments, almost tedious moments, but they lead to high excitement and wonder. In addition to the main quests are side quests. All the quests require a certain amount of puzzling and ingenuity and success is not always guaranteed.

The rewards for all this work are great however, with a great temple to explore that almost defies understanding with its sheer size and scope. It took a great deal of restraint not to post spoiler-ish pictures of this place, but I will urge you to discover it for yourself.

Oh and there’s a maze. A maze that may very well drive you mad, especially if you happen to be ever so slightly claustrophobic. All of this and the map is good for 1 – 4 players, fun for all the family – or at least four of them.

Download The Temple Of The Three Gods Minecraft Adventure Map. Do It. Do It Now.

The Geodown, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map

As an orphaned victim of a shipwreck, you must climb the sheer cliffs of the inhospitable island you find yourself marooned upon. There are no tropical island coves or sandy beaches for you, just a climb straight up into the great unknown. This is a simple minecraft survival map set in a landscape that is lush, but not at all forgiving. One slip and you’ll find yourself at the wrong end of a long fall.

What adventures will come when you descend into the valley below? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain – both danger and reward lurk beneath the green grass and trees are not always what they seem. Are you brave enough, bold adventurer? Will you make this island your home, plumb its depths and create a place where sheep graze on wide pastures? Or will you fall prey to the horrors of the end?

Download The Geodown Minecraft Survival Adventure Map

Professor Perk and Redtopia, Minecraft Adventure Map

A redstone based minecraft adventure map, now there’s something different. I say adventure map, this is pretty much a comprehensive redstone tutorial masquerading as an adventure map. They’re trying to make us learn! They’re trying to make us learn! Persevere through the first couple of lessons however and you’ll be treated to thrills and spills as the map maker turns his knowledge of redstone on you, plunging you to certain death only to rescue you at the last moment and laugh about it. Ho ho ho. Merry lava everybody!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to use redstone to create impressive hidden doors, traps and minecraft machines, then this is a map you simply must play. Spend a little time wandering around the initial levels to grasp the basics, then get blasted into oblivion as the map maker wreaks his power upon thee. There’s fun and challenges ahead, and a solid puzzle solving element as well.

There’s also a scoring system based on how many gold and iron ingots you can find in hidden and not so hidden chests, so for those who are motivated by the notion of numbers as a measure of success, there’s something for you here too.

Also: parkour!

The texture pack is largely based on the default textures, but adds a few modern touches, like glass doors, which make for a pleasantly scientific look, but confuse the heck out of some players on their first play through *cough* me *cough*. There’s a few other textures that add to the ambiance as well, like the Professor Perk, who pops up after the first few rounds to gently point out the fact that the computer has gone rogue and the rest of the map will be spent with the computer trying to hurt you.

And that, my friends, is where the adventure really picks up. Gluts of fire rain down upon you as lava soaks across the floor and your knowledge seems too pitiful to save you. For an exciting and adventurous map of minecraft redstone learning….

Download Professor Perk and Redtopia!

Wonderland, Minecraft Adventure Map

It’s Wonderland, in Minecraft! An adventure map for all the family, and one that is sure to delight any children, or children at heart who love the stories by Lewis Carol.

I will begin with one minor gripe. A gripe that is later proved so minor as to almost not be worth mentioning. As someone who loved the Alice in Wonderland tale, it was a little dissapointing that the fall down the rabbit hole was literally just a fall down a hole that was not at all decorated. Although it happens almost at the beginning of the book, the rabbit hole itself is one of the most strikingly iconic scenes in the entire story.

This is made up for somewhat when one does land in a pool of tears (although there are no mice swimming in it, who, having fallen in have subsequently lost their way.) The opening scene of this minecraft map, as it were, is a room quite mad in a way I can only describe as Johnny Depp.

The glass table with the little box is there and one certainly gets the sense that one is undersized when compared to the rest of the room and its many doors. (Remember, we’re looking for a door just at the right height that leads into a secret garden.)

An amazing narration fits perfectly with this new Minecraft version of the Wonderland tale, complete with sound effects that really bring the world to life.

It was tempting to screenshot almost everything, but I avoided that temptation so as not to spoil the map. Suffice to say, what you see here is just a fraction of the wonders that await you.

This is, quite simply, one of the best adventure maps I have had the fortune to play. It evokes and draws on Alice’s Adventures, allowing you to visit those many whimsical locations – now ridden with minecraft monsters of course. There’s humor around every corner, as well as a very solid adventure experience that can easily be played on peaceful and enjoyed – which is my personal definition of a solid adventure map. If my attention can be held with the story and locations, then the map maker has done his or her job.

Download Minecraft Wonderland Adventure Map and begin your adventure!

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