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DarkChaosCraft, Minecraft Parkour Map

minecraft planet parkour

This parkour map involves leaping, jumping, shuffling and something that looks like a big glowing planet at one stage. I feel good about it. I think you will too.

DarkChaosCraft, the weightily named minecraft parkour map is comprised of several unique levels, each one themed in a different style. Beginners start in a glowstone and colored wool creche of sorts, which is pretty suitable even for novice parkour players. The difficulty quickly ramps up on later levels however, and by the time you’re hurling yourself through a desert nightmare, you’ll be impressed with how much your skills have developed. Or you’ll be rage qutting because you have yet to hone your fine motor skills to the point where piloting a big blocky two meter high avatar through a world of other blocks.

Each level concludes with a unique minecraft boss, a final obstacle between you and the passing of the level. It’s a traditional formula, but I think it works.

Download Dark Chaos Minecraft Parkour Map!

Lake of Mirrors, Hostile Minecraft CTM Adventure Map Download

minecraft hardcore ctm map download

A complete the monument map with only two monument blocks (and two monument weapons,) Lake of Mirrors sounds like an easy minecraft CTM map. But it’s not. The first thing that makes it difficult is the fact that it is made in hardcore mode. That’s a pretty big thing. It means that this map is merciless and you only get one chance to battle glowstone headed skeletons and win.

Red Dead Redstone, Minecraft Western Adventure Map Download

red dead redstone minecraft wild west adventure map

This open world Minecraft Western adventure, Red Dead Redstone, is a must download. I’ll say that at the outset, because, dagnammit and tarnation. Why is it a must download? Well, for starters, its big. Texas big. Home on the range big. Deer and antelope playing big. And the bigness is just the beginning.

Rosadu, Asian Steampunk Minecraft Download

rosadu minecraft asian fantasy map download

A minecraft fantasy map like no other, Rosadu is crafted in an Asian Steampunk fantasy aesthetic that is quite beautiful. Avatar meets the Last Airbender, for want of a better description involving two movie names that start with the letter ‘A’.

SburbCraft, MS Paint, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map

sburbcraft minecraft ms paint adventure map sun rise

Based on the popular MS Paint Adventures, SburbCraft is a minecraft CTM adventure map with more scope than you can shake a shoddily drawn MS Paint stick at. With possibly the best minecraft texture pack in the world, this is is to minecraft maps what an industrial furnace is to your home toaster oven.

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