Rosadu, Asian Steampunk Minecraft Download

rosadu minecraft asian fantasy map download

A minecraft fantasy map like no other, Rosadu is crafted in an Asian Steampunk fantasy aesthetic that is quite beautiful. Avatar meets the Last Airbender, for want of a better description involving two movie names that start with the letter ‘A’.

minecraft fantasy sky island download

Made of almost half a million blocks, Rosadu is completely gorgeous and utterly stunning in terms of scale. If you’re looking for a fantasy spawn for a multiplayer server, or if you just want to play in a map where the currency is sheer wonder and astonishment, then Rosadu is worth the download.

minecraft floating dragon ship

There are many wonders to behold in Rosadu, including a flying minecraft ship with dragon wings, and a hot air ballon floating off the coast of the sky island. As in Avatar, you’ll feel as if gravity has somehow been repelled by the sheer beauty of the place.

Download Rosadu, Minecraft Asian Fantasy Map!

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