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Greener Pastures Minecraft Farm CTM Map Download

minecraft ballon field farm

I do love CTM maps and I also love minecraft farm maps. Greener Pastures combines a CTM challenge with a farming challenge to create the ultimate minecraft map for people who like to till the earth. Under a glowstone lit sky, it is your job to climb, explore and mine your way through obstacles until such time as the monument is completed.

Area 51 Minecraft Alien Adventure Map

minecraft area 51 map download

Area 51 has always been a place of mystery. Now that is has been rendered in minecraft you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Area 51 for yourself. Hint: They’re square. And dark. Quite rather very dark, so dark that you yourself might forget how to correctly grammar.

minecraft area 51 abandoned city

Hot Air Balloon, Minecraft Sky Island Survival Map Download

minecraft hot air balloon survival map download

You’ve played minecraft sky survival islands before, but have you played sky survival hot air balloons? This unique little minecraft survival map comes with more than 60 challenges – packing a big punch in a very little series of baskets. Each of the hot air balloons contains a resource – and often a surprise. Though you can’t fly these minecraft balloons, you can travel to various realms by harvesting the possibilities locked within these sky borne baskets.

You spawn in the middle of a balloon fleet, surrounded by colorful floating orbs. It’s a very pleasant way to be thrown into a world of harsh survival. From the outset you must start expanding, making your way between the balloons. Though precious resources are scattered in what seems to be abundance, you must first gather the tools to harvest those resources and that is more of a challenge than you might think.

As with many maps of this type, various biomes can be found in various balloons. Some of them might feel a little trite, but when it comes time to make your house in the sky, complete with glass windows, you’ll be glad for that little desert full of sand.

A solid little map, anyone who enjoys classic minecraft survival will enjoy Hot Air Balloon Survival.

Download Hot Air Balloon Minecraft Survival Sky Island Map!

Broken Anachronism, High Definition Steampunk Texture Pack (64x)

minecraft steampunk animated texture pack

A HD minecraft steampunk texture pack, Broken Anachronism is a seriously impressive piece of work. I featured some of the animated tools from this texture pack here when it was still a work in development. They were pretty stunning on their own, but the entire texture pack is a work of minecraft steampunk art.

minecraft steampunk food textures

Lake Hylia, Minecraft Zelda Multiplayer

minecraft lake hylia map download

Do you remember the wonder and beauty of Lake Hylia? Looking to use your Minecraft hookshot in a Zelda themed map? This minecraft re-creation of the famous lake where we played our Ocarina as the dawn rose is perfect for a hefty dose of nostalgia, and a fun contemporary gaming experience.

This map is playable on a multiplayer server run by a group of people known only as ‘RaiderCraft’. And possibly Chad. There’s always a Chad. Ooo Chad.

Anyway, for a minecraft Zelda multiplayer experience, where everyone will be able to face off with one another in various Link and Zelda minecraft skins.

Want to get your Zelda on? Check out the RaiderCraft subreddit!

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