Red Dead Redstone, Minecraft Western Adventure Map Download

red dead redstone minecraft wild west adventure map

This open world Minecraft Western adventure, Red Dead Redstone, is a must download. I’ll say that at the outset, because, dagnammit and tarnation. Why is it a must download? Well, for starters, its big. Texas big. Home on the range big. Deer and antelope playing big. And the bigness is just the beginning.

Red Dead Redstone is set in a fictional Western state called Denton. There are several regions in the state, each of which boasts their own towns and settlements. You could spend hours just visiting all the locations in this minecraft map before you even thought about gettin’ bored. There’s Neai Ridge, located up in the mountaints, West Denton, where the civilized folk live, and Maseah Plains, where most of the farming gets done.

Then there’s the activities. With this much room for activities, you can bet your boots that there’s plenty of things to be doing. Pig racing is favored sport for those who live in Denton, and you’ll find plenty of places to get yourself a prize racing pig. Because the 1.6 update is yet to be released, you’ll have to ride your little piggie wee wee wee all the way home. Or, alternatively, you can play this map with the Mo’Creatures mod!

This is a perfect map for anyone who wants a pre-built world to explore, as there really is a lot of scope for wandering and finding interesting artifacts. You can choose to settle down in your favorite town, or build a whole new settlement for yourself. Or hey, why not build yourself a minecraft ranch and trade with villagers in nearby settlements? The sky is the limit for anyone with the West in their heart and a little bit of good old fashioned imagination.

Download Red Dead Redstone, Minecraft Western Map!

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