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Guruth’s Fantasy Minecraft World | Fully Developed Fantasy City

minecraft full fantasy world download

A fully developed minecraft fantasy world, Guruth’s world isn’t terribly well named, but it is incredibly well built. What separates this minecraft fantasy map from others in the genre is the fact that it isn’t just a superficial collection of buildings which more or less emulates a city. It’s a fully planned city simulation complete with waterways, streets, and a layout that makes sense. It’s a city that feels organic, as if it has grown with a real population. (more…)

Stone Shade Gorge, Minecraft Custom Map Download

minecraft stone gorge map download

I was first drawn to this minecraft custom map because it reminded me of the terrain around Ogrimar (the main Horde city in World of Warcraft) now this map has nothing to do with WoW, but it is a stunning piece of minecraft terraforming. Great stone mountains fill the landscape, completely devoid of plant growth or other life. Nothing grows where there is no dirt or grass. These are barren lands, but small pockets of green can be found here and there. (more…)

Skylight, A New Minecraft Sky Island Map Download

minecraft skylight sky survival map download

Sky Island maps are ubiquitous, but not all of them are good. Not all of them carefully secrete all the tools and materials needed for a complete play through of the game which will allow the player to first escape to the Nether, and then back to the world of the real. Skylight isn’t just a rip off of every other Sky Island map, it’s a thoughtful addition to the sky survival genre.

CivCraft, Minecraft Civilization Mod (Guide + Download)

minecraft civilization mod civcraft

A minecraft civilization mod, CivCraft brings many of Civilization’s mechanics to the world of minecraft, creating a whole new game within the realm we’ve become so familiar with over the years. Forget basic crafting and growing of crops, your time as a subsistence farmer or hunter gatherer is over. With CivCraft Minecraft Mod, it is possible to grow entire kingdoms and civilizations by the blocky sweat of your brow.

Super Hard, Underground And Zelda: Three New Minecraft Map Downloads

Here are three new minecraft maps released in the last week. If you only get to download and play new minecraft maps on the weekends, here are a bunch of quick links to some maps that might pique your interest. From retro nostalgia with a remake of a Zelda map from 1987, to a crippling, nigh horror CTM experience, there’s something for everyone.

Fog of Demise Super Hard Minecraft CTM Map

fog of demise minecraft training map

This is a very, very difficult minecraft CTM map. So difficult that it is actually impossible to beat. You might think me to be exaggeration at this point, but let me tell you, this map leaves you bumbling about in the darkness with two hearts left of life, no opportunity to respawn and with a potion of slowness making you move at a snail’s pace whilst creepers leap out of the woodwork every five seconds. It’s not easy.

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