Stone Shade Gorge, Minecraft Custom Map Download

minecraft stone gorge map download

I was first drawn to this minecraft custom map because it reminded me of the terrain around Ogrimar (the main Horde city in World of Warcraft) now this map has nothing to do with WoW, but it is a stunning piece of minecraft terraforming. Great stone mountains fill the landscape, completely devoid of plant growth or other life. Nothing grows where there is no dirt or grass. These are barren lands, but small pockets of green can be found here and there.

minecraft stone map download

This is perfect map for someone who wants to play a minecraft survival game without the usual minecraft biomes, or for anyone wanting to start a multiplayer server with a ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ sort of theme. You’ll be impressed with the scope of this map, which feels huge even when you fly around it. From a place on the ground it seems as though one could explore it forever and never find the end.

With great mountain lakes pouring down into verdant green valleys, Stone Shade Gorge is a wild place. It’s also a place of extremes. You’re either traversing completely bare terrain or making your way through an incredibly thick forest which requires chopping every few steps.

Where will you make your home? Will you perhaps clear cut some land and start a little farm? Or will you retire to a cave in the mountains and live on zombie meat? Either way you’ll need to start your journey the same way everyone else does – with a download.

Stone Shade Gorge Minecraft Map Download Link

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