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Stranded Island Survival, A New Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

stranded island minecraft survival island map

Stranded Island is a new minecraft survival island map. I was impressed with the simplicity and dirt enhanced-ness of this map, which is but a mound of dirt in a wide sea. Mound might not be the right word. ‘Raft’ is better. There is very little to work with on this map. One can dive into the ocean, but there seems to be no hope of reaching the bottom.

The Legend of Narthan, Minecraft Adventure RPG Map Review

legend of narthan

Two years in development, Legend of Narthan is a very large free roaming minecraft RPG adventure map. I played it, for science. Legend of Narthan takes many cues from the Elder Scrolls series, but is not an Oblivion, Morrowind or Skyrim knock-off. Attention has been paid to making several quest lines parodies of real world historical events, which is an idea I am in love with. I would have its babies, that’s how good of an idea I think it is.

Playing TerraFirmaCraft PT1: Bloody Knuckles


TerraFirmaCraft is a minecraft survival mod that claims to re-create minecraft ‘survival mode as it should have been.’ That’s a big and entirely subjective claim, which makes it the perfect sort of claim to make.

TerraFirmaCraft comes with its own automatic launcher – which I very much like because it means one download and one click. No more, no less.

The first thing I notice upon opening my new TerraFirmaCraft world is that the trees are oblong and there are weird little grey things on the grass. I punch one and it turns out to be a rock. A Dacite Rock, to be precise. (more…)

Lonely Island Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft survival island download

A tiny island in a large ocean biome, Lonely Island is a minecraft survival map after the classic survival island style. It is smaller than the original survival island map, so people who like to be cozy about their survival experiences are going to enjoy it.

Of course players will have to expand their landholdings should they want to grow food or tend stock. This can be done by digging deep into the island or striking out into the waters to collect dirt and sand.

This is certainly a simple survival map. There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles on this map, there’s no starting chest, there are no special traps, no custom mobs, no redstone contraptions, no hidden chests. There is just you, the island and the sea.

Minecraft Lonely Island Survival Map Download Link

Temple of Doom, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

minecraft temple of doom map download

This map begins on a rainy night on a platform high above the lands, pistons churning, powering your airship. But all is not well. The storm is too rough and you find yourself crashing down, down, down, into a room of white wool and light – and then into the wreckage of your once proud airship. Parts are scattered all over the landscape, the white sails tossed atop a tree. (more…)

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