Stranded Island Survival, A New Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

stranded island minecraft survival island map

Stranded Island is a new minecraft survival island map. I was impressed with the simplicity and dirt enhanced-ness of this map, which is but a mound of dirt in a wide sea. Mound might not be the right word. ‘Raft’ is better. There is very little to work with on this map. One can dive into the ocean, but there seems to be no hope of reaching the bottom.

There is one tree and one stack of cane growing on the island – were it not for the starting chest, one would certainly have no hope for survival at all. There is a creepy surprise waiting at the top of the tree, which I will not spoil.

The starting chest is fairly generous, but it doesn’t hand the game to you. In order to unlock the secrets of the island you need to construct an iron pick. But all you have to make the cobblestone which will build the furnace you need, you’ll need to turn lava and water into a cobblestone generator. If you’ve never built a cobblestone generator before, here’s a couple of tips for you. 1. Lava flow + water flow = cobblestone. 2. Never let your lava source block get wet, or you’ll make obsidian, not cobblestone and your little game will be over before it has begun.

Though the map is very small, it is unexpectedly fun. I spent a good twenty minutes engineering dirt structures such that the precious diamond block in the center of the island would not escape my grasp when it was mined. And then… well, put it this way, don’t be afraid of the water and don’t be afraid of drowning. Those who cling to the limited shore in this survival island map will find themselves with very little to work toward.

Combining some of the best elements of Sky Block with the gameplay that made Survival Island a minecraft classic, Stranded Island survival is a fun minecraft survival map which is everything it sets out to be.

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 8/10 Solid survival experience.

Stranded Island Minecraft Survival Map Download Link

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