Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map

A Spanish galleon sits in the lush jungle bay whilst its explorer captain plunders the land around it in search for the golden city of El Dorado. If the role of explorer captain appeals to you, then this is a minecraft survival map you simply must play.

I’d say it straddles the border between survival and adventure map really, with exotic locations, impressive builds and a sense of immersion that will set your senses tingling. Or maybe I’ve just been sitting on my senses too long and they’ve started to go numb. Either way, senses are in for a shockingly good time.

There are challenges in the jungle, such as settling a walled village, 40 x 40 blocks wide. You can also convert them to the religion of your choosing if you so desire. There’s also a bridge building challenge, an island fortress building challenge and other similar ‘build a thing’ challenges. People who like building things will enjoy these immensely.

If you’re looking for a large, detailed minecraft survival map where you can roam free and explore your inner settler / heartless conquistador, this is the map for you.

Download Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map!

Castlevania Minecraft Adventure / Combat Map Download

An exciting minecraft combat adventure map in which you must storm through a dark obsidian castle, slaying hordes of monsters with various enchanted items and destroying the pits from which they spawn with beacons of light. This map is designed to be harder than minecraft’s hardest setting – and it is.

At the start of each round you get issued with a set of supplies. You have to make do with that particular set, though it is supplemented by enchanted items you’ll find as you battle your way through the monster and trap ridden rooms. There are also ‘healing pads’, pretty ingenious little contraptions that restore your health. Take note of these pads, because you’re going to need them sooner rather than later.

At the end of each ‘level’ there is a monster ‘boss’. Make sure you’re ready before you hit the button that unleashes it, because the torrent of hostile monsters it unleashes has to be seen to be believed.

Players who love combat / action / adventure maps are going to absolutely adore the Castlevania minecraft map download. It is challenging, well made and incredibly fast paced. From the moment you set foot in the first room to the moment you are faced with the waves of boss monsters, your sword arm will never stop swinging.

Download the Castlevania Minecraft Adventure / Combat Map

Venture Into Madness, Minecraft Adventure

Anything with the word ‘madness’ in the title is promising. Something with five hours of questing and audio clues is even more promising. Are we feeling the promise yet? Because the promise is everywhere, it is all over my keyboard, gumming up the keys.

This minecraft adventure map is so large it took almost six minutes to download. I spent every single one of those minutes in slavering anticipation. From the moment I opened the map and the first audio narration clip, I knew I had something special before my eyes.

You spawn in a graveyard. Some might find this a creepy and eerie begnning, but given the sun and blue sky above, it felt more like a prime opportunity to engage in some grave robbing. Mmmm bones. I got so caught up in unearthing the remains of the departed that night fell almost before I got out of the starting area.

This is a true adventure map, planned with a major quest line and a couple of well developed side quests to entertain you along the way. I liked the way the game worked with my natural nefarious instincts to do terrible things and turned them into positive attributes. I also appreciated the way that the story was woven into every part of the map, not only were there text notes and audio clips, but wandering into a shop was more than just seeing another empty box room with some goodies hidden in a chest, it was an opportunity to get to know a greedy Testificate shop keeper, or form an opinion about the political intrigues of a place that doesn’t exist.

If you’re looking for a seriously well developed minecraft adventure map with a gripping story and a massive amount of play time, Venture Into Madness is a good bet.

Download Venture Into Madness Minecraft Adventure Map!

ShrinkCraft Puzzle / Adventure / Parkour Minecraft Map

Are you ready to swim in a giant toilet? I hope so, because this minecraft map download has no intention of letting you play it until you willingly flush yourself and enter an iron tube dotted with flecks of brown… wool.

ShrinkCraft is called ShrinkCraft because everything is designed to super scale so you feel as if you are a tiny and insignificant creature stuck in a world too large and scary to understand. Just leaping off a simple table will give you fall damage. But the weird perspective is really the least of your worries. This map wins at the outset because it calls you a fatty and then does unspeakable things to you. Elements of parkour make for greater mental cruelty because not only do you have to submit yourself to amusingly terrible fates, you have to work hard to achieve the terrible outcome.

YOu’ll also meet oversized whales with itchy backs and other giant creatures in need of urgent help, be forced to navigate confusing mazes and collect colored wool for purposes unknown. Unlike many other minecraft adventure maps, ShrinkCraft has a good sense of scaling difficulty, though the eaarly challenges are childsplay, some of the later ones are fiendishly difficult to solve.

This is one of the most amusing and fun minecraft maps I’ve ever played, so it is highly reccomended for anyone who loves minecraft adventures!

Download ShrinkCraft Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle / Parkour Map!

Assassination, Minecraft Parkour Map

Assassination is a high stakes, high rise adventure parkour map based loosely on Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge and other games in which people hurl themselves off tall things and destroy their enemies. I love this map, from the moment you open the first chest and read the ‘map’ that is nothingh but eye rending red text that threatens to blind you where you sit, it’s full on. I’d love to tell you what the opening text is, but my retinas started bleeding three lines in.

There’s a lot to love about this map, first of all it’s an incredibly complex build, which means a lot of scope for exploration. Unlike other parkour maps that sort of hem you into a linear style of play, you can wander and run and jump all over the place in this minecraft map, exploring air vents, running through city streets and punching in plant holders. There are dead ends, so be prepared to break things you probably shouldn’t be breaking. Technically that’s against the rules, but I ain’t no rat in a cage and neither are you.

Those who enjoy adventure storylines will find entertainment as they attempt to achieve the adventure goal. I’m being vague because I was not worthy to unravel it because my eyes were weak. Pray that yours are not.

Assassination is more than multiplayer capable so if you have some friends, why not upload it to a server and see if you can’t push one another onto the roads of doom. (Once you hit the road, you’re stuck.)

Download Assassination Minecraft Parkour / Adventure Map

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