Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map

A Spanish galleon sits in the lush jungle bay whilst its explorer captain plunders the land around it in search for the golden city of El Dorado. If the role of explorer captain appeals to you, then this is a minecraft survival map you simply must play.

I’d say it straddles the border between survival and adventure map really, with exotic locations, impressive builds and a sense of immersion that will set your senses tingling. Or maybe I’ve just been sitting on my senses too long and they’ve started to go numb. Either way, senses are in for a shockingly good time.

There are challenges in the jungle, such as settling a walled village, 40 x 40 blocks wide. You can also convert them to the religion of your choosing if you so desire. There’s also a bridge building challenge, an island fortress building challenge and other similar ‘build a thing’ challenges. People who like building things will enjoy these immensely.

If you’re looking for a large, detailed minecraft survival map where you can roam free and explore your inner settler / heartless conquistador, this is the map for you.

Download Heart of Darkness Minecraft Survival Map!

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