Castlevania Minecraft Adventure / Combat Map Download

An exciting minecraft combat adventure map in which you must storm through a dark obsidian castle, slaying hordes of monsters with various enchanted items and destroying the pits from which they spawn with beacons of light. This map is designed to be harder than minecraft’s hardest setting – and it is.

At the start of each round you get issued with a set of supplies. You have to make do with that particular set, though it is supplemented by enchanted items you’ll find as you battle your way through the monster and trap ridden rooms. There are also ‘healing pads’, pretty ingenious little contraptions that restore your health. Take note of these pads, because you’re going to need them sooner rather than later.

At the end of each ‘level’ there is a monster ‘boss’. Make sure you’re ready before you hit the button that unleashes it, because the torrent of hostile monsters it unleashes has to be seen to be believed.

Players who love combat / action / adventure maps are going to absolutely adore the Castlevania minecraft map download. It is challenging, well made and incredibly fast paced. From the moment you set foot in the first room to the moment you are faced with the waves of boss monsters, your sword arm will never stop swinging.

Download the Castlevania Minecraft Adventure / Combat Map

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