Venture Into Madness, Minecraft Adventure

Anything with the word ‘madness’ in the title is promising. Something with five hours of questing and audio clues is even more promising. Are we feeling the promise yet? Because the promise is everywhere, it is all over my keyboard, gumming up the keys.

This minecraft adventure map is so large it took almost six minutes to download. I spent every single one of those minutes in slavering anticipation. From the moment I opened the map and the first audio narration clip, I knew I had something special before my eyes.

You spawn in a graveyard. Some might find this a creepy and eerie begnning, but given the sun and blue sky above, it felt more like a prime opportunity to engage in some grave robbing. Mmmm bones. I got so caught up in unearthing the remains of the departed that night fell almost before I got out of the starting area.

This is a true adventure map, planned with a major quest line and a couple of well developed side quests to entertain you along the way. I liked the way the game worked with my natural nefarious instincts to do terrible things and turned them into positive attributes. I also appreciated the way that the story was woven into every part of the map, not only were there text notes and audio clips, but wandering into a shop was more than just seeing another empty box room with some goodies hidden in a chest, it was an opportunity to get to know a greedy Testificate shop keeper, or form an opinion about the political intrigues of a place that doesn’t exist.

If you’re looking for a seriously well developed minecraft adventure map with a gripping story and a massive amount of play time, Venture Into Madness is a good bet.

Download Venture Into Madness Minecraft Adventure Map!

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