Minecraft Firework Explosions | Minecraft Indoor Fireworks

minecraft fireworks explosions

If minecraft fireworks are set off in enclosed spaces, the firework will ‘stick’ into the ceiling, then explode in a dramatic shower of light.

minecraft indoor fireworks

A Simple Redstone Dispenser Minecraft Firework Display | How To Make Automatic Firework Displays

minecraft automatic fireworks display, redstone minecraft fireworks

This simple redstone firework display is created using repeaters, redstone wire and dispensers. The redstone repeater has three different settings, so you can adjust it in order to change the timing of your fireworks display. Please note, redstone repeaters are directional minecraft items, if you put the ‘current’ as it were, in the wrong end, they won’t do anything. So if you’ve tried to make something with a redstone repeater and the repeater doesn’t light up, that’s probably your problem.

A dispenser will fire one minecraft firework into the air with every redstone pulse. Having a series of dispensers linked together with repeaters and redstone as in the image above allows you to have a timed release of fireworks.

If you’re looking for fireworks recipes, or want to know how to make minecraft fireworks, click the highlighted links.

For more complicated minecraft fireworks displays and redstone fireworks, check this video out:

Planet Minecraft’s Caved In Custom Map Download Contest

caved in project minecraft custom map download

Caved In is a minecraft custom map contest being run by Project Minecraft. The idea is simple. Download the official PMC Caved In Contest Map and customize it to the best of your abilities, creating something scary, something exciting, or something beautiful. You must start with the official PMC map download and your structures must remain entirely underground. You are free to expand the map as you please, so bedrock truly is the only limit.

Every custom map will be evaluated on three criteria: Originality, Execution and Presentation. Design something mind blowing, pull it off flawlessly and present it in a way that makes people download it with all the compulsion of a sugar addict who just spied a cookie. Simple, right?

Tuff Terrain, Minecraft Survival Map Downloads

tuff terrain minecraft survival map download

Tuff Terrain is some seriously psychidelic, fractal stuff. It’s also a series of two awesome minecraft survival maps, one being in the survival island / sky block scheme of things, the other being a fractal desert that is more beautiful than I can express with these limited words. Un-englishable, as a certain fellow used to say. Surviving the map is one thing, not falling into the void whilst staring at the unquestionable beauty of irregular regularity is quite another.

fractal beautiful minecraft map download

Click here to download the Tuff Terrain Survival Maps!

How To Tame Minecraft Villagers | Minecraft Village Friends

how to tame a minecraft villager

How do you tame a minecraft villager, thereby creating a trusty friend and handy sidekick? You don’t. Minecraft villagers have their own lives and live in a closed society. They trust few outsiders, though they will trade with you because harvesting their own wheat constitutes too great a challenge – on account of all minecraft villagers are born with their hands stuck together. This (lack of) feature may be updated in future updates or addressed by mods.

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