Minecraft Steampunk | A Minecraft Steampunk Town Download

minecraft bridge town build

There’s nothing like a really talented minecraft builder to make you feel simultaneously full of awe and embarrassed at your own building skills. Awerassed is the name for this sort of emotion, and you better get ready to feel a whole lot of Awerassment as you check out this incredible Steampunk minecraft build that was inspired by Dishonored architecture, but also puts me in mind of Miyazaki’s animation work.

minecraft steampunk build

Check out this minecraft architect’s download page to keep up with this build!

How To Put Plants Inside A Sims 3 Greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

The Stone’s Throw Greenhouse introduced a whole new type of building into the Sims 3 – or so we thought. With glass roofs shaped with Edwardian charm and series of windows open ever so slightly ajar to let a little bit of a breeze into the place, it seemed that simmers playing with the Sims 3 Seasons pack would have a place to put their precious plants so that they wouldn’t go dormant over fall and winter.

The Great Minecraft Villager Project | Three Doors Make A Baby Villager

baby minecraft villagers clustering in a crazy lump of villagers

Villagers used to be almost entirely useless, but with the introduction of the emerald trading system, villagers have become an integral part of the minecraft economy. It’s easy enough to corral your villagers into stalls (because of their tendency to cluster in small, but desirable buildings with all the glee of cows heading off to slaughter). Unfortunately it is this very habit that makes creating a charming village with villagers actually living in each of your hand-built houses, all the harder.

No Writing Surface Available | How To Send A Love Letter In Sims 3

how to send a sims 3 love letter

Sending a love letter is a way for your sim to court other sims and pique their romantic interests. Every time you click on your mailbox, you’ll see the option to ‘send a love letter’. You can also ‘send a love letter’ from your sim’s pc, or by clicking on the object of your sim’s affection in the friends menu.

No Writing Surface Available

This simply means that your sim has nowhere to sit down and write. This problem can be solved with a writing desk (not cluttered with a computer) or a kitchen table.

Can You Play Sim City 5 Offline?

Gamers Smolder For Offline Capabilities

sim city 5
Need that a little louder?


As part of EA’s ongoing mission to destroy games as we know them, it has been decided that Sim City 5 will require an always on internet connection. Not only that, but it will also save your games to the cloud. In other words, if a beaver chews through the internet cables near your home – or, god forbid, you leave the house and travel somewhere without wi-fi, you can’t play your game.

EA is, of course, pretending that the ‘always online’ requirement isn’t dystopian DRM at its worst, rather it’s a feature. The feature being that you can play online. With friends. As long as their internet connection stays stable.

You will not be able to save your Sim City 5 cities unless you are online. Which is okay, because you won’t be able to play them unless you’re online.

Oh and it will likely be Origin only, EA’s super hackable attempt to emulate Valve’s success with Steam, without any of the charm, goodwill, or basic account security that Steam provides.

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