Lunar Awakening, The Most Beautiful Minecraft Adventure Map Of All Time

lunar awakening minecraft fantasy adventure map download

When the human’s heart becomes controlled by whimsical desires,
it will search through even the deepest of tunnels.
Cold, motionless pockets of opportunities, tunneling through the void
of the Specular’s mind, he travels through the unknown.

It’s pretty bold to go out there and say that anything is the most beautiful anything of all time, but Lunar Awakening is the sort of minecraft map that makes you stop for a second just to breathe in its awesomeness. (And I mean that in the traditional sense of the world.) Minecraft builder Circleight has created a high fantasy minecraft adventure that is more than just a pleasure to play – it changes your whole view of what is and what is not possible in minecraft.

The builds are obviously quite fantastic, and there is a definite JRPG feel to the map, mostly because it’s magical as all get out. Poetic and artistic, this is more than a mere adventure. This is a journey.

Download Lunar Awakening Minecraft Fantasy Adventure Map!

Check out the full album of images (even if you’re not planning on playing the adventure map, these are some minecraft builds that have to be seen to be believed.)

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Pig Kart, Mario Kart In Minecraft Mini Game Map Download

minecraft mario kart map download

They call this a mini game, but there’s nothing mini about this Mario Kart inspired map that will allow you and five of your most minecraft owning friends to race around a custom built world. The map uses the command block to change game states, so the first person to finish three complete laps of the course will be changed to creative mode and will be able to fly up to the winner’s platform. Your mount is a pig, not a car, so be aware that there are some unique challenges involved when trying to steer and brake a minecraft pig. This massively fun minecraft map is a must download for anyone who enjoys multiplayer fun!

Download Pig Kart now!

Minecraft Steampunk | A Minecraft Steampunk Town Download

minecraft bridge town build

There’s nothing like a really talented minecraft builder to make you feel simultaneously full of awe and embarrassed at your own building skills. Awerassed is the name for this sort of emotion, and you better get ready to feel a whole lot of Awerassment as you check out this incredible Steampunk minecraft build that was inspired by Dishonored architecture, but also puts me in mind of Miyazaki’s animation work.

minecraft steampunk build

Check out this minecraft architect’s download page to keep up with this build!

How To Put Plants Inside A Sims 3 Greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

sims 3 plants inside greenhouse

The Stone’s Throw Greenhouse introduced a whole new type of building into the Sims 3 – or so we thought. With glass roofs shaped with Edwardian charm and series of windows open ever so slightly ajar to let a little bit of a breeze into the place, it seemed that simmers playing with the Sims 3 Seasons pack would have a place to put their precious plants so that they wouldn’t go dormant over fall and winter.

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