How To Make Minecraft Fireworks | Minecraft Fireworks Recipes

This is a minecraft guide detailing how to craft fireworks, create multicolored fireworks, build bigger fireworks, longer fireworks, automatic firework displays and more. From glowing, exploding creeper faces to trails of red, white and blue glory, you’ll find all the recipes and ingredients for a tasty fireworks meal here.

Minecraft fireworks require two craftable items: a fireworks rocket and fireworks balls.

How To Make A Fireworks Rocket

A simple fireworks rocket requires one gunpowder (obtained from a slain, but unexploded creeper), one paper (obtained from sugar cane), and a fireworks ball.

How To Craft A Fireworks Ball | Minecraft Fireworks Ball Recipes

Fireworks balls are simple to make, simply add gunpowder and dyes to create fireworks with different colors and effects.

You can use multiple fireworks balls in a single rocket for different, longer effects, as shown below:

You can create multiple color effects within one ball, or add multiple balls with different colors for a more staggered fireworks display:

How To Make Minecraft Fireworks Fly Longer

To increase rocket duration, add additional gunpowder when crafting your minecraft rocket. Three pieces of gunpowder will give you a firework display of three seconds. A longer flight duration isn’t necessarily ideal for all purposes, as, for the most part, it simply means that the firework goes higher.

Special Minecraft Firework Recipes

Creeper Fireworks

By adding a creeper head to your fireworks ball, the firework will explode into a creeper face shaped display at the top of its flight. This is true of any mob head actually, that is, that adding any mob head (including a Steve head) to your fireworks will result in a creeper face display.

Twinkle Fireworks

Adding glowstone dust to your fireworks balls will add a ‘twinkle’ effect to the resulting display. Instead of simply fading out, it will twinkle into non-existence.

Star Shaped Fireworks

You can get a star shaped fireworks display by using a gold nugget in your fireworks ball.

Firework Trails

A diamond placed in your fireworks ball will give the fireworks a ‘trail’ effect.

Bursting Fireworks

Adding feathers to your fireworks ball create a ‘burst’ of light.

How To Make Bigger Fireworks Displays

Adding a fire charge to your fireworks ball will result in a fireworks display with larger spread.

How To Make Redstone Activated / Automated Minecraft Firework Displays

Hand held minecraft fireworks are set off the moment they are placed on the ground. If you want to get fancier, with timed displays of multiple fireworks, you’ll need to use redstone and dispensers. When a dispenser is triggered, it will release fireworks in a vertical display. The scope for having staggered displays is very real, but each dispenser will only trigger one firework per redstone activation, so timed circuits will be necessary.

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