The Floral Minecart (GirlyCraft Minecraft Textures)

A minecraft cart customized for those who need something pretty to transport their flowers to the minecraft market. This is part of the GirlyCraft minecraft texture pack, a current work in progress.

The .png for this cart after the jump:

Sky Chunk, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

So there’s like, this Minecraft chunk. And it’s, like, suspended in the sky with nothing around it. As a survival map, its purpose is simple. Just mine the chunk for whatever resources you can find and try to survive without falling off the edge too many times. Cobble generators will no doubt be popular with the ‘eternal expansion’ crowd, but others will be happy to simply sit atop the chunk, growing forests, fighting mobs, farming pigs and contemplating the great blue yonder.

Are there challenges? Are there challenges. Yes. There are challenges. The first challenge is the cobblestone generator I mentioned above. There’s always a cobblestone generator, with all the fleeting possibility of accidentally creating obsidian or melting yourself. For those of you past the cobblestone generation level of challenges, there are more. Like make five bowls of mushroom stew, or build a fortress made of snow. These are all inherently pointless, without even a vague attempt at story to make them somehow coherent, but that’s how minecraft survival map players like it, difficult and highly specific.

Download Sky Chunk, Minecraft Sky Survival Map!

Minecraft Fireworks

Fireworks will soon be added to minecraft. Minecraft fireworks will be redstone triggered displays of light in a range of colors, flight heights, effects and different shapes. Minecraft Fireworks will be craftable, so you can create your own unique displays and multiplayer minecraft servers will be able to put on light shows for their members.

This is the first minecraft fireworks screenshot available:

Eesher Island Minecraft Custom Survival Map

MC Esher would be proud of this island that fails to be a mobius strip by a factor of an entire dimension. There’s a custom made stronghold to explore and multiple circles to go around in circles in. The terrain is expansive, the oceans are deep and the world is wild, fresh for you to explore.

Download Eesher Island, Minecraft Island Survival Map Download

A Minecraft Adventure Map To Rule Them All…

Minecraft adventure maps really are becoming something of an art form in their own right, check out this render shot from an upcoming adventure map from Hypixel.

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