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How To Make A Minecraft Iron Golem

An iron golem is a protective mob that will naturally spawn in any village with more than 15 villagers. You can also make your own iron golems with three blocks of iron and a pumpkin. Place the iron blocks in a ‘T’ formation, just like making a scarecrow. Bring the iron golem to life by placing a pumpkin on top of the iron blocks where the head should go.

Fun Iron Golem Facts:

  • Slaying an iron golem will provide iron ingots and roses – because iron golems have a poetic side and love to pick roses.
  • Iron golems are hostile to most aggressive mobs, apart from creepers, slimes, ghasts and magma cubes.
  • Iron golems protect villagers by throwing hostiles high into the air.
  • You will need a diamond sword and fifteen clean hits to kill an iron golem.

Tree Survival Minecraft Map

Tree Survival is a high rise minecraft survival map where gravity is your greatest enemy. It comes with its own texture pack and signs that lie, so be careful about believing what you read.

The most interesting aspect of Tree Survival is the potentially transient nature of the ground. By that, I of course mean the tree leaves can and will disappear if you remove the wood that keeps them in place. This is worth keeping in mind before you hack out all the wood you can find to build yourself a house in the clouds.

Resources are not difficult to find. If you install the texture pack, resources like iron and diamond will appear to be part of the wood itself. If you don’t then you can see the stone quite clearly through the leaves.

The second major challenge is the multilevel aspect of the map. Because of the structure and layout of the tree, one finds oneself trying to work out how to descend without taking too much damage and ascend to escape danger and gather resources.

Up and down and round and round with diamond and sheeps and creepers and fire, making this map your own will be your greatest challenge.

Download Minecraft Tree Survival Map

Death Island Progress Shot

Do I actually play all these survival maps I review? You bet your little organic cotton fiber booties I do! Here’s a progress shot from the Death Island Minecraft Survival map, which truly is one of the best survival maps I’ve played in a long time. Note the way the greenery is starting to return to the land under the benevolent view of my squat bungalow.

World Painter, Minecraft World Edit Tool


(Click to enlarge.)

With MC Edit’s development being halted, the citizens of Minecraft have to look for a new way to edit worlds on a large scale. World Painter might very well be the world creator we’ve been looking for. It’s not quite the same as MC Edit, being designed mainly for the creation of large terrain features, but in many respects it is actually better. There have been very few minecraft maps created thus far that are remarkable solely because of their terrain, but I have a feeling that will change as people start to use this tool that allows you to quite literally paint minecraft worlds.

How To Install:

World Painter comes with its own installation package, so anyone capable of double clicking and following screen prompts should be able to get it up and running in no time.

Minecraft World Painter Features include:

Layers, allowing you to directly edit every element of your world map.

Export function, allowing you to play the worlds you’ve edited. (Handy.)

2D and 3D view modes, for ease of creation.

Zoom function, for fine painting.

Flattern Tool, Mountain Tool, Water Flood, Lava Flood.

And much, much more!

Download World Painter!

Dead Survival Island Minecraft Survival Map

One could be forgiven for thinking that Minecraft was all about surviving on islands. In this map the island is dead and you must restore the island to life. It’s a nice twist on an established theme, not only ensuring your own survival, but the survival of your environment. One might say it’s a map with a message, but that would probably be going a little too far.

You spawn on the island, which is rather large but contains nothing besides dirt, sand, mountains and a couple of trees. The starting chest contains a block of grass, some sugar cane, a pumpkin, two mushrooms, a melon, a cactus and 64 cocoa beans. Just moments after spawning, it began to rain,which imparted a rather gloomy atmosphere that went very well with the whole ‘dead island’ theme.

What’s nice about this map is that you need to travel to acheieve your goals for survival. Unlike other maps, which cramp you into a tediously small space, this one gives you all the room you could need and more. Of course, it’s up to you to make that space usable. There are surprises hidden here and there, but the map relies on solid minecraft strategies rather than gimmicks. To survive you’re going to need to cultivate the soil, drive off enemies and expand your holdings a little bit at a time. In many respects playing this map took me back to my very first days of minecraft when it was in alpha and dirt and wood were the staples of the game.

For an old school challenge with a fresh face, I reccomend this map.

Download Dead Survival Island Minecraft Map!

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