Lava Dome Survival Minecraft Map

What first drew me to the Lava Dome Survival map was the fact that the picture of the map (on the original post) had no lava in it at all. I thought it might be some kind of ironic hipster Minecraft map. It’s not. There really is a dome and there really is a lot of lava.

First of all I fell into lava. Second of all I fell into lava. Third of all I fell into lava. The game starts with a bit of parkour, which for me means significant death. Some people might be put off by having to fight their way across the map every time they play but those people probably aren’t cut out for Lava Dome survival. They’re probably cut out for Grandma’s Lounger Survival.

There are a bunch of structures to explore and I won’t ruin them for you by telling you what’s inside. You’ll have to build your own tenuous structure and make your way across to them in your own time. With adventure, danger and the immense need for restructuring, this is a survival map that will draw on all of your Minecraft skills.

Download Lava Dome Survival Minecraft Map!

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