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Mattchinima’s Minecraft Prison Break Asteroid Island Let’s Play

These fine fellows cheated rampantly, but I’ll forgive them for it because their antics were hilarious and a great time appeared to have been had by all. There’s a saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many players crammed into one little asteroid makes it awesome.

This is a map I made, if you want to check out Prison Break Asteroid Island, you can do so here!

EA Dissapoints With Broken Sims 3 Spell Book Premium Content

I’ve admittedly been a wee bit behind the ‘Premium Content’ curve, premium content being special content that adds new functionality to The Sims 3. I recently decided to download my first piece, Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book O’ Spells, which cost a whopping 500 sim points. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was broken because it is not compatible with Hidden Springs. There was no warning given when I downloaded the content of course, EA didn’t just basically steal my money, they also wasted an hour of my life spent trying to work out why I can’t cast spells, dammit.

It turns out that the conflict between the Hidden Springs World Download and the Spell Book is a known one, but absolutely nothing has been done to rectify the issue. Another reason to support independent Sims 3 modders and stay the heck away from the official Sims 3 store. If you can’t reasonably expect paid content to work, what the heck is it good for?

How To Make A Sims 3 Pet (The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack)

The Sims 3 Pets expansion pack is due out sometime in the very near future, but in the meantime you can satisfy yourself and make cute little Sims 3 Cats, Sims 3 Dogs and Sims 3 Horses with the free Sims 3 Create A Pet Demo tool, released on EA’s Origin download service.

I’ve tried out the tool and I have to say I’m very impressed. There are over 150 breeds of animal to choose from, and if that’s not enough, well you can make your very own breed by painting your horse pink and making your cat look like she belly crawled through a slaughterhouse.

Click here to read more and learn how to make your very own Sims 3 Pets!

Logitech F710 Wireless PC Gamepad

Logitech is one of the most well respected brands in the world when it comes to PC peripherals. My mouse is Logitech. My keyboard is Logitech. My webcam is Logitech (with Carl Zeiss optics, no less.) And now my wireless PC gamepad is Logitech too. Why? Because Logitech create solid products that stand the test of time. The Logitech F710 Wireless PC Gamepad is no exception, with astounding build quality and the unmatched convenience of wireless control.

Read more…

The Clawsome Plays Prison Break Asteroid Island

This map! I made it!

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