How To Make Minecraft Potions, Minecraft Potion Recipes and Ingredients

This guide to the new Minecraft potion system includes all the information you’ll need to make your own minecraft potions.

How To Use / Drink Minecraft Potions

You consume Minecraft potions the same way you consume all Minecraft edibles, by holding down the right click button until you get the ‘eating’ or in this case ‘drinking’ animation.

In order to create any Minecraft potions, you will first need a brewing stand:

How To Craft A Minecraft Potion Brewing Stand

This can be crafted by placing a blaze rod over three cobblestone in the crafting grid. You can obtain a blaze rod by venturing into the nether dimension and sucesfully battling one of the fire elementals that can be found there. They drop blaze rods when they die.

How To Use The Minecraft Potion Brewing Stand

It’s a fairly simple process, first you place anywhere between one and three water bottles in the slots at the bottom of the grid. Because there are three slots in the brewing stand, you can always make three potions at one time, which is handy.

Adding one of the potion ingredients to the brewing stand will give you three first tier potions. You can then add other ingredients to these first tier potions to create new potions with more effects, or simply extend the duration and power of your potions.

How To Get A Glass Water Bottle

The most basic of all ingredients is the water bottle. Glass bottles are crafted by placing three glass blocks in a ‘V’ shape in the crafting grid. You’ll get three glass bottles out of this method every time. Those glass bottles can be made into ‘water bottles’ by dipping them into a water source, precisely the same way you dip a bucket into a water source to get a bucket of water.

Minecraft Basic Potion Ingredients

Netherwart. Essential for basic awkward potion, just add it to the top of the brewing stand with water in the chambers below.

Redstone dust. Increases duration of potions, when added to water, creates mundane potion.

Glowstone dust. Increases potency of potions, when added to water, creates thick potion.

Fermented Spider Eye. Potion of weakness when added to water. This is the only basic potion that has any effect at all. All the other basic potions must be combined with other ingredients to create effective potions.

Minecraft Second Tier Potion Recipes and Ingredients

Ghast Tear (Add to an awkward potion to get healing potion.)

Blaze Powder (Add to an awkward potion to get potion of strength.)

Magma Cream (Add to an awkward potion to get potion of fire resistance.)

Spider Eye (Add to an awkward potion to get potion of poison.)

Fermented Spider Eye (Add to an awkward potion to get potion of weakness.)

Sugar (Add to an awkward potion to get potion of swiftness.)

Potent Minecraft Potions:

Some second tier potions can be further added to to create new potions that are even more powerful, either by merit of having new effects, or by having their duration extended considerably. All credit for these discoveries must go to McSkwid

Potion of Fire Resistance + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Slowness (1:30)

Potion of Fire Resistance + Redstone Dust = Potion of Fire Resistance (8:00)

Potion of Slowness + Redstone Dust = Potion of Slowness (4:00)

Potion of Healing + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Weakness (1:30)

Potion of Healing + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Healing (Instant Health II)

Potion of Strength + Redstone Dust = Potion of Strength (8:00)

Potion of Strength + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Strength (Strength II 1:30)

Potion of Strength + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Weakness (1:30)

Potion of Poison + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Poison II (0:22)

Potion of Poison + Redstone Dust = Potion of Poison (2:00)

Potion of Poison + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Harming (Instant Damage)

Potion of Harming + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Harming II (Instant Damage)

Potion of Swiftness + Glowstone Dust = Potion of Swiftness (Speed II 1:30)

Potion of Swiftness + Redstone Dust = Potion of Swiftness (8:00)

Potion of Swiftness + Fermented Spider Eye = Potion of Slowness (1:30) (8:00 -> 4:00)

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