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More World Types Minecraft Mod

This mod allows you to choose from a whole new (and old) range of world types in the ‘World Type’ selection screen. At the time of writing there are only two world types to choose from in the base game, either ‘Super Flat’ or ‘Default’. Super Flat isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be because it’s only three dirt block thick and contains no biomes (though there are an inordinate number of slimes.)

The mod provides access to world types from past versions of Minecraft, and new world types that have not been conceived of before. It also significantly improves the existing flat land world type by adding bomes and other bits and pieces of interest.

Your world could be:

1.1 Terrain. Kicking it old school.
1.7.3 Terrain (Lots of beaches and whatnottery.)
Skylands! This abandoned realm comes back to life.
Cave World. All is caves.
Strictly Mushrooms. (The whole world is a mushroom biome.)
Ocean Biomes
Melontopia. (Take grass and dirt, remove aforementioned grass and dirt, replace with melons.)
Only Forests. For lovers of forests.
Desert. Self explanatory.
All Mountains. No flat bits!
Plains. No mountainy bits!
Ice Plains. For people who like to recreate Seasonal Affective Disorder in Minecraft.
Ice Mountains. Same sort of thing.
Super Flat. The flat world how it should have been in the first place, with biomes etc.
Netherlands. All is nether.
Dark Forest. Very tall, very dense forest. Can’t see forest for trees.
Lava Oceans. The oceans are lava and everything is on fire. Carry on.

This mod is compatible with Mod Loader, and General Awesomeness.

Download More World Types!

Lava Block Minecraft Survival Map

We’ve seen blocks of dirt in the sky, we’ve seen islands amidst vast oceans and now we’re looking at a few square meters of smoothstone in a lava sea and we’re thinking that we’ve played it all before. But we’re wrong. Very wrong.

Lava block is a unique and challenging minecraft survival map, guaranteed to make even the most experienced survival map players scratch their heads. Minecraft survival purists might not like the fact that there is a starting chest, but this starting chest is unique. Most starting chests come with a few seeds, maybe some armor, and some wood and torches and whatnot. This one starts you off with 128 water blocks. Nothing more and nothing less. That’s water blocks, not water buckets, so be careful about where you put them because you’re not going to be able to pick them up, at least not at first.

There are other chests atop interesting structures in the middle distance, but you’re going to have to find a way across lava to get to them, and once you get there, opening them may not be easy because you have no tools and well, they’re pretty high up. There’s obvious means of turning smoothstone into cobble and though you’ve got plenty of lava and water, you’ve got no way to harvest it.

In addition to mechanical challenges, the map holds some surprises. Though it looks incredibly simple, it’s deceptively complex. Your first tumble into the lava might surprise you. That’s all I’m saying.

Like some of the better minecraft survival maps, it’s very possible to lose this map. A few careless slips and you’re going to be left with no choice but to delete the world and start again. This sort of high stakes survival will probably appeal to a survival community growing dull on cutesy maps.

Download Lava Block Minecraft Survival Map!

How To Tame Cats In Minecraft

Minecraft cats are tamed from wild ocelots, but ocelots run away if you get too close, so how do you tame them?

Step 1: Get some raw fish.

Step 2: Stand very still.

Curious Ocelot approaches you and your raw fish treat.

Step 3: Wait until the ocelot stalks towards you, then right click to feed them the fish.

Tamed ocelots change to domesticated cat skins.


Creepers and Cats | Minecraft AI In Action

In the new minecraft snapshot creepers have enhanced intelligence, but one weakness: cats. A creeper will run away from a minecraft cat if it finds itself within 6 blocks of one, regardless of whether it was about to blow you up or not.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Minecraft Robots from Seth Bling

Real, (and by real, I of course mean virtual) Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots you can play whilst playing Minecraft. Yep. Moving on. Skip to 1.35 to see the robots fighting.

Or watch the whole thing and feel the super wonder meister power of Seth Bling!

Download these from Planet Minecraft!

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