Hatchet Minecraft Survival Map

Hatchet is a Minecraft survival map with a bit of a story. Something about being a 13 year old boy and losing your dad somewhere. I forget the specifics. All I really remember is that your name becomes Brian, which is fun if you’re a female, because it opens up a whole new world of gender possibilities.

There are a lot of shouty rules which I pretty much ignored, because some of them are simply invasive and go to play style, which a map maker has no business dictating. If you’re going to tell people how to play your survival map you may as well download yourself and play it for them too.

The game starts with a bang. That’s all I have to say there. Then you’re directed by a sign to a creeper infested hole and the game begins in earnest. Because I played this map on the 12w6 snapshot release, there’s an interesting dynamic in that the beasties coming out of the cave sometimes hide from the sun. I spent an inordinate amount of time being killed by creepers, which wasn’t nearly as much fun as it sounded. My efforts to build a sword were interrupted by being blown to smithereens every few minutes, which I found less than entirely enjoyable.

The storyline stops shy of making this an adventure map, but it’s not so much a survival map beyond any ordinary survival map you generate and load on your own. So, should you download it? Well, it certainly exists, and those who enjoy completing challenges might very well find it amusing. I also found it substantially filled with monsters, even though I only played it on easy mode. So, you know, monsters plus being named Brian, that’s got to count for something.

Download Hatchet Minecraft Survival

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