Survival Cubed, Minecraft Survival Challenge

This is a challenge based survival map set on a single 50 by 50 cube of varying terrain. It will appeal to people who like to complete challenges rather than attempt to find meaning in the general idea of surviving. Some of the challenges will be fairly difficult, such as creating an underwater house and getting a pet wolf. Others, like collecting twenty pieces of zombie flesh are pretty much just a matter of time.

I especially liked the way this map has an ‘exit strategy’. Most minecraft survival maps are played until the player simply loses the will to live and starts doing something else instead. This one requires you to build yourself a minecart rollercoaster back to the ground.

Although the prospect of spending a game trapped in a 50 by 50 secion of land might seem intensely boring to those who lack imagination, this is a prime opportunity to think inside the box (we’ve all been thinking outside the box for so long we’ve forgotten that good things sometimes come in boxes, like candy.)

If you’re looking for a compact survival map with defined challenges, surprises galore and a defined end point, Survival Cubed ticks all the boxes.

Click here to download the map!

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