Christmas Carnage, Minecraft Multiplayer PvP Map Download

It’s Christmas time! (Almost.) Why not get together with your friends and beat on one another inside a minecraft map carefully designed to look exactly like a living room festooned with Christmas decorations. Fa la la la la la la arrrgghhh!

This minecraft PvP places you in the most jolly and seasonal arena of all time, where you will battle for presents with diamond swords, bows and arrows and Christmas cheer! There are plenty of gifts to ‘unwrap’ and a whole lot of christmas themed weapons to wield against your loved ones.

Download Christmas Carnage Minecraft PvP Map!

Theme Block World, Minecraft Rollercoaster Theme Park Map Download

Are you ready for fun and games? Roller coaster and rides? Then you need to download Theme Block, a minecraft theme park with more fun than you can shake a stick at. This map is good for single players, or up to three players if you opt for the multiplayer option.

Theme Block World is a map containing several rollecoasters, some small and compact, others big and fast. There’s an archery competition, a maze, and even an ice curling competition.

Prizes are especially good for the ice curling competition, with diamond armor dispensed for those skilled enough to curl their gold record all the way to the end of the icy rink.

Players who like to scare themselves will enjoy taking a wander through the house of horrors, where terrible apparitions threaten life and limb.

For those with a competitive streak there is a pig racing course, battle for supremacy as the fastest pig racer of all time!

Theme Block World is quite impressive because of the scope and range of activities. It’s not just one or two roller coasters, it’s a whole host of activities that will keep you entertained as you go from attraction to attraction, earning prizes and riding the rides.

Click here to download Theme Block World!

Minecraft Super Smash Bros PvP Map

Would you like to battle it out with your friends inside a minecraft map that looks like a game you used to play when you were much younger? Of course you do. Super Smash Bros is a legendary Nintendo game, and this Minecraft homage to that PvP extravaganza will have you laughing all the way into the void. So choose your weapon and get ready to battle for supremacy through five separate stages including remakes of Hyrule Castle from the Zelda franchise and Saffron City from the Pokemon behemoth that has swallowed the chilhood culture of more nations than I care to count.

With specialized armor, bonus weapons and occasional input from the maps themselves as they spawn mobs you may or may not wish to do battle with, but have to anyway, this is an excellent way to spend a fine afternoon knocking some of your closest friends about the place with all the grunting and bone crunching sounds minecraft can muster.

Download Super Smash Bros Minecraft PvP Map!

Sky Wars, Minecraft Multiplayer Map

Part of the joy of having friends is destroying their hopes and dreams in fictional game scenarios. If you know some people you’d like to battle to the digital death over bits of colored wool, then do I have the map for you? (Hint: I do.) Sky Wars is a minecraft game map designed for one to four players and follows a simple premise: get the wool, or get exploded trying.

Not every one who begins the Sky Wars race will finish. Some will inevitably be lost to the void, or to one of the many devilish traps placed along the way. You have brushed up on your pig riding skills, haven’t you? Good, because that’s going to be important in this game – as it is in so very many areas of life. Algebra might be questionably useful, being able to conjugate a verb will come in handy once or twice, but pig riding, now there’s a skill for the ages.

But I digress. As you will, from a great height. Haha! Seriously though, this is the perfect map to download if you want your ears to ring with the anguished howls of your comrades in pixels as you battle in the great Sky Wars.

Download Sky Wars Multiplayer Minecraft Map!

Sharp Shooter Minecraft Archery Adventure Map Download

Are you any good at minecraft archery? The sharp shooter map will test your skills to their very limits as you slay villager after villager in the name of proving your worth in the testing facility.

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