Minecraft Super Smash Bros PvP Map

Would you like to battle it out with your friends inside a minecraft map that looks like a game you used to play when you were much younger? Of course you do. Super Smash Bros is a legendary Nintendo game, and this Minecraft homage to that PvP extravaganza will have you laughing all the way into the void. So choose your weapon and get ready to battle for supremacy through five separate stages including remakes of Hyrule Castle from the Zelda franchise and Saffron City from the Pokemon behemoth that has swallowed the chilhood culture of more nations than I care to count.

With specialized armor, bonus weapons and occasional input from the maps themselves as they spawn mobs you may or may not wish to do battle with, but have to anyway, this is an excellent way to spend a fine afternoon knocking some of your closest friends about the place with all the grunting and bone crunching sounds minecraft can muster.

Download Super Smash Bros Minecraft PvP Map!

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