Volcano Survival, Minecraft Survival / Villager Defense Map Download

In this minecraft survival map, your own survival isn’t the only thing at stake. You have a greater purpose – to ensure that the four villagers stuck inside minecarts who depend on you for their very lives are kept safe from zombie hordes. Volcano survival isn’t a survival map in the traditional sense of the word of course, it’s more of a ‘waves of combat’ map, a term for which has not properly been coined yet. In between waves of hostile mobs you can make use of a redstone supported currency system that allows you to buy useful things, like more life, and maybe less death.

Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Game

This minecraft fight map reminded me of a WoW or RPG style boss fight. Specifically, you’re trying to damage the boss whilst minions come at you in constant flows. It’s surprisingly hard to send arrows into a giant mooshroom’s face whilst zombies gently nudge you into lava. Subsequently, even on the easy setting, your view often ends up being more like the one pictured below than above.

This is a great, fun minecraft map. I wish we had a proper name for this genre of maps, we’ve called them attack maps, combat maps, game maps. This one is mostly a minecraft ‘argh I’m on fire’ map. It’s good for up to two players, so if you can find a friend to play with you, do that. As the old adage goes, hordes of zombies shared are hordes of zombies halved.

Download Mooshroom Rage Minecraft Survival Attack Argh On Fire Map!

Download The Earth In Minecraft | Playable Minecraft Map of the World

I reviewed this map back when it was in its early stages and was just blown away by it then. This is a map of the entire planet earth made, to scale, in minecraft. It’s huge of course, just under half a gig of data to download but man oh man is it basically the perfect minecraft map. With the minecraft earth map you can finally live your dream of conquering the world without reality getting in your way. From the great deserts to frozen wastelands, this is a snapshot in time compiled by using satellite images from NASA to render the world as it was around the end of the 21st century.

Was that a Matrix reference? Oh yes, because you are now free to create your own matrix on this landscape. There are no cities, but there are signs where cities are currently located, so if you want to rebuild New York or Paris and give yourself a penthouse apartment that looks out over the Champs y Broadway, that’s doable. This really is an exciting minecraft, one of the very few ‘must downloads’ out there. It comes in two formats, SSP and SMP, so you can play it singleplayer and multiplayer.

Download the Planet Earth Minecraft Map! (Final Version)

Minecraft ‘Golf Course’ Multiplayer Map

An extensive multiplayer golf map, 2G4G is the location for a nice competitive wander around the course with your closest minecraft playing friends. You must use Ender Pearls to ‘shoot’ around the course with the aim of hitting the flag or getting the pearl in the hole.

There have been other minecraft gold maps made, but few of them have the sheer scope and pleasant landscaping associated with this one. Many of the holes are themed to go with various biomes and features like villages. It’s a very large map, so get prepared to do a signficant amount of walking. Alternatively you can ride the purpose built monorail back to the base.

At the time of writing, you have to play it as a multiplayer map otherwise you’ll spawn in the middle of the course in creative mode and not be able to throw the Ender Pearls properly. That’s going to be problematic for those who want to explore this on their own and don’t know how to run a multiplayer server (it’s really not that hard and yes, it is possible to play alone on a multiplayer server hosted on your own computer.)

Download 2G4G Minecraft Multiplayer Golf Game Map

Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Minecraft Multiplayer Map

I mostly play pure survival maps but occasionally I like to try something a little different. When that something different is the opportunity to crush my enemies using the power of blocks, well, that makes it all the sweeter.

The Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Map consists of two lanes, making this a map for two or more players. Players must stay in their own lane. If the word ‘lane’ suggests a hemmed in experience, do not worry. Both lanes are large enough for teams of multiple players to roam in quite freely for quite a length of time without finding a single scrap of wool. Resources abound, though they have to be harvested and the terrain – though expansive and ever changing, is not always friendly. Monsters, sharp dips and rivers of lava all stand in your way, not to mention broken creeper ladders and more. What is nice about the lane system (and when I say nice, I of course mean, fiendishly clever) is the fact that the scope for offensive action is high. You’re provided with all the weaponry and creeper dust you’ll need to blow the other team away.

If you’re looking for something fast paced, survival based and incorporating mano e mano action, then Spheric Ruins is the map you’ll be wanting for your next multiplayer project.

Download Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Map

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