Minecraft ‘Golf Course’ Multiplayer Map

An extensive multiplayer golf map, 2G4G is the location for a nice competitive wander around the course with your closest minecraft playing friends. You must use Ender Pearls to ‘shoot’ around the course with the aim of hitting the flag or getting the pearl in the hole.

There have been other minecraft gold maps made, but few of them have the sheer scope and pleasant landscaping associated with this one. Many of the holes are themed to go with various biomes and features like villages. It’s a very large map, so get prepared to do a signficant amount of walking. Alternatively you can ride the purpose built monorail back to the base.

At the time of writing, you have to play it as a multiplayer map otherwise you’ll spawn in the middle of the course in creative mode and not be able to throw the Ender Pearls properly. That’s going to be problematic for those who want to explore this on their own and don’t know how to run a multiplayer server (it’s really not that hard and yes, it is possible to play alone on a multiplayer server hosted on your own computer.)

Download 2G4G Minecraft Multiplayer Golf Game Map

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