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Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32x)

I don’t often write about Minecraft HD texture packs these days, mostly because every man and his dog is already doing it. But once in a great while a texture pack comes along that inspires me to speak on its behalf, Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack is one of those texture packs.

It’s no surprise that this texture pack really comes into its own with the more interior textures (beds, enchanting tables, chests, brick). That’s because the Victorians didn’t precisely have a monopoly on nature. If anything, this texture pack is designed to make your creations really stand out from the landscape as edifices of culture and civilisation.

Don’t take that to mean that the exterior textures have in any way suffered from lack of attention. On the contrary the smooth, almost silk like textures have a way of making the world seamless. Flowers especially make for small spots of gorgeous respite from the grassy plains and knols.

Most animals have been reskinned, with the notable exception of chickens. The GUI continues with the Victorian theme and is relatively usable. The only gripe I have, and it is a gripe I have with most eveyr texture pack, is the fact that ores seem very startling to the eye. Whilst this makes them easy to spot at a distance it can also lend an unreal feeling to the landscape because they are patchy. It would be nice to see some retextured ores that blend with other ore blocks to create a continuos vein.

That minor quibble aside, I cannot reccomend Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack enough. It’s not a huge step up in pixel terms, just 32 instead of the standard 16, so it shouldn’t cause memory problems, but what it does with those extra 16 pixels squared is very special indeed.

Download Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32x)

The Tower of Xotl Minecraft Adventure Map

This futuristic / modern (pick your poison when it comes to terminology, all I can tell you is that fridges exist in this map) adventure map is one of the best I’ve played in terms of world immersion, attention to detail and overall design. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a gripping adventure that will have your eyes widening in surprise at every turn, The Tower of Xotl is a minecraft adventure map you’ll want to download.

It even comes with its own texture pack, which is almost always an indicator of quality in an adventure map. A maker who has taken the time to make the map look right is a maker that cares. The texture pack is an integral part of the map, without the texture pack you have a mismash of textures that make no sense. If you want a somewhat abstract experience, you could always play on the default map I suppose.

Though the infantile use of ‘da rules’ on the welcome sign might make you want to delete the map the moment you open it, don’t. This map has been put together with extreme care and tells a story with additional text and images that come in the accompanying files. The writing is actually pretty good too (something you wouldn’t guess from the mode of welcome.)

For a gripping misasdventure of the powers of science, download The Tower of Xotl Minecraft Map!

Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

Underground minecraft survival underground is a less frequently use device than you might think, which makes this Cavern Survival map quite an original piece of work.

Instead of laboring beneath the big square sun in the sky, you must eek your existence out like a Morlock. (That’s a human that has evolved underground for many generations, not to be confused with a Murloc, which is an aquatic lizard creature that hunts in tribes and says ALLLALALAURABLGR a lot.

Right, now we have that out of the way, back to the map itself. I enjoyed Cavern Survival because it forced a different strategy than light walking maps do. You have to know a little bit about how to make things grow underground in order to survive. (The wiki is always a good place to go if you don’t know why none of your trees are growing.)

One might be forgiven for thinking than an underground minecraft survival map would be an ugly, or at the very least, boring place. But these caverns are actually quite visually appealing places with high ceilings and just enough touches of green to make a day dweller feel somewhat at home. This place could be a paradise you know. Why not make it one?

Download Cavern Survival, Underground Minecraft Survival Map

Sand Tomb Hostile Minecraft Survival Map

Thank you and have a nice death! Based on super hostile principles, Sand Tomb is a minecraft survival map that will try to kill you as often as possible.

Quite a large map, there are plenty of dungeons to explore in Sand Tomb. Most of them are fairly unpleasant. Occasionally however, the map will hand you one of the five mushrooms you must collect in order to win.

There is a certain ‘sandbox’ feel to the map however, because the active playing area is ringed by bedrock and surrounded by grass flatlands. But this isn’t like any other sandbox you’ve ever tried to build sandcastles in, on account of the copious amounts of lava flowing everywhere and the traps that seek to destroy you at every turn.

With several surprises lying in wait for the unwary player, this is a surprisingly fun hostile map. I found myself wandering a lot, enjoying the process of exploration as much as the experience of surviving devious snares and tricks. Even when terrible things happen, one finds it somewhat endearing. Assuming one has already stashed one’s hard won items before falling prey to the inevitable traps.

Download Sand Tomb Super Hostile Minecraft Survival Map!

Minecraft ‘Golf Course’ Multiplayer Map

An extensive multiplayer golf map, 2G4G is the location for a nice competitive wander around the course with your closest minecraft playing friends. You must use Ender Pearls to ‘shoot’ around the course with the aim of hitting the flag or getting the pearl in the hole.

There have been other minecraft gold maps made, but few of them have the sheer scope and pleasant landscaping associated with this one. Many of the holes are themed to go with various biomes and features like villages. It’s a very large map, so get prepared to do a signficant amount of walking. Alternatively you can ride the purpose built monorail back to the base.

At the time of writing, you have to play it as a multiplayer map otherwise you’ll spawn in the middle of the course in creative mode and not be able to throw the Ender Pearls properly. That’s going to be problematic for those who want to explore this on their own and don’t know how to run a multiplayer server (it’s really not that hard and yes, it is possible to play alone on a multiplayer server hosted on your own computer.)

Download 2G4G Minecraft Multiplayer Golf Game Map

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