The Tower of Xotl Minecraft Adventure Map

This futuristic / modern (pick your poison when it comes to terminology, all I can tell you is that fridges exist in this map) adventure map is one of the best I’ve played in terms of world immersion, attention to detail and overall design. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a gripping adventure that will have your eyes widening in surprise at every turn, The Tower of Xotl is a minecraft adventure map you’ll want to download.

It even comes with its own texture pack, which is almost always an indicator of quality in an adventure map. A maker who has taken the time to make the map look right is a maker that cares. The texture pack is an integral part of the map, without the texture pack you have a mismash of textures that make no sense. If you want a somewhat abstract experience, you could always play on the default map I suppose.

Though the infantile use of ‘da rules’ on the welcome sign might make you want to delete the map the moment you open it, don’t. This map has been put together with extreme care and tells a story with additional text and images that come in the accompanying files. The writing is actually pretty good too (something you wouldn’t guess from the mode of welcome.)

For a gripping misasdventure of the powers of science, download The Tower of Xotl Minecraft Map!

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