Extreme Heights Minecraft Survival Map

It’s not the height that gets you, or the falling – so much as it is the suddenly hitting the ground. In Extreme Heights Minecraft Survival Map, you must do your level best to ignore the call of the void as you scale tall mountains and precarious slopes to gather the precious resources essential to your continued survival.

The map is fairly large, which doesn’t make it any easier. Those of us accustomed to survival island maps might scoff when faced with terrain that stretches beyond the available view distance.

It’s pretty difficult too, more difficult than you might imagine because the place is filled with monsters because the map demands that you not play on easy. You might want to play on easy anyway because the simple act of finding a tree to craft a simple sword with is not as easy as you might imagine.

For a new kind of survival map paradigm, download Extreme Heights Minecraft Survival map and enjoy the process of accidentally falling off things and desperately punching solid rock with your bare hands.

Download The Extreme Heights Minecraft survival Map!

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